heat exhaustion vs heat stroke

Some Details Of Heat Exhaustion Vs Heat Stroke To Know

The healthy body is the dream of everyone. The healthy body will help them in doing their need, such as go to school, go to work, or gather with their friend. Sometime we face some problems in our health because of some factors. We will talk about the heat exhaustion vs heat stroke. Those problems are the kind of the common problems attack us. We will try to reveal each problem. I hope it will be useful for you all.

Heat Exhaustion Vs Heat Stroke

The details of the heat exhaustion

For the first thing about the heat exhaustion vs heat stroke, we will talk about the heat exhaustion first. It is one of the common problems because of the failure of the body to cool itself. We need to know that in the hot temperature, the body should response the situation by sweating. The sweating is the process of the cooling self by the natural ways. When your body has no ability doing it, you may face the terrible heat exhaustion problem.

The causes

Let us try to know the causes of the heat exhaustion. There are several kinds of the symptoms. The first cause is the dehydration. The dehydration will disturb the ability of the body to produce the sweat. The second cause is the use of alcohol. Alcohol is bad for health. The alcohol will increase the temperature inside the body and it will cause the heat exhaustion.

heat exhaustion vs heat strokeThe symptoms

After knowing some kinds of the cause of the heat exhaustion disease, it will be better when we try to know the symptoms of it. Know the symptoms is important to have the treatment soon. You can make comparisons about heat stroke vs heat exhaustion later. The first symptom of the heat exhaustion is the heavy sweating. It is because the body loses the ability. The second kind of the symptom is fatigue. The hot condition of your body will place you to the unwell situation and condition. It will give more tiredness.

The easy treatment to do

The next point of the comparison between heat exhaustion vs heat stroke is about the treatment of the heat exhaustion. I have several kinds of the easy treatment. The first treatment is resting in a cool place. It is one of the great idea because all you need is having the fresh air. If it is possible, you can go to air conditioned place. When it is possible, you can go to the free place and go away from the crowded one.

Some details of heatstroke

For the second discussion about the heat stroke vs heat exhaustion, we will talk about the heatstroke. The heatstroke is one of the problems. It may disturb you. It is different with the heat exhaustion as above. When in the heat exhaustion you feel hot in your body, you feel the opponent in this problem. The heat stroke will place you to feel the terrible cold. You will lay in your bed and you will need more warmth. Let us talk about the details of it below.

The cause of the disease

For the first thing in talking about the heatstroke disease, we will talk about the cause of it. You can make the comparison between the heat exhaustion vs heat stroke here. There are some kinds of the causes of the heatstroke. The first is the kinds of the clothes. Wearing the excess cloth will bring you to feel the cold. The second cause is being dehydrated. The dehydration will stop the metabolism of your body and it will cause the cold condition.

The symptoms of the disease

We move to talk about the symptoms of the heatstroke. The experts say that the high body temperature becomes the first symptom. It is different when you compare the heat exhaustion vs heat stroke. With the high body temperature, you will feel that the situations around you are cold. The headache becomes the other symptoms. The headache happens because there is an unstable condition of hormone inside the body.