feeling light headed and dizzy

Feeling Light Headed And Dizzy: Know The Reasons

For those who often experience feeling light headed and dizzy, you should know some reasons why it happens. In this article, there are three most common reasons for feeling light headed constantly and what you could do about correcting these aggravating and life altering conditions.

Feeling light headed and dizzy: The most common reasons

One of common reasons must be low blood pressure. Quite often, the feelings of seeing stars or feeling dizzy and light headedness are the direct results of lacks of oxygen or blood flows in the brains. Today, low blood pressures are often not actual cases in of itself, but just the other symptoms. You would have to dig much deeper to root out the reasons the bodies experience low blood pressure.

Instead of low blood pressure, feeling light headed and dizzy reasons are the sign of undiagnosed allergies. It is really common situated where people eat specific types of foods regularly, such as dairy or wheat and is in constant states of reacting all the times. The only real true solutions for this are to eliminate the aggravating foods itself from the bodies. The good starts are going on the elimination diets and remove all common allergens like wheat, eggs, corn, soy, dairy, and many more.

The third reasons must be adrenal fatigue. It is in the facts the core problems for individuals who suffer from feeling light headed and dizzy. You could see when the adrenal burns out through the varieties of causes like stress, ongoing allergies, poor diet habits, and poor sleep. Automatically, the adrenals would start to go to the states of weakness. It could be really difficult for them to recover from.

The most common symptoms

Additionally, the most common symptoms the individuals would experience that have adrenal fatigues are exhaustions even as they wake up. Other symptoms must be weakness, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, increased incidences of allergies and brain fogs where the concentrations are impaired severely. It is suggested to do some researches and get an accurate diagnosis for what are really causing the feeling light headed and dizzy symptoms.

The ideal methods to know about feeling light headed and dizzy can be EDS testing or electro dermal screening. This is a really popular way of testing for numerous conditions or specific allergies. However, you would need to check with a naturopath or alternative practitioners as conventional doctor is not familiar with it. Alternatively, the naturopaths would frequently use a detailed questionnaire to determine most likely causes of current health symptoms.

Feeling light headed and dizzy caused by vertigo: Truly scary and annoying

Although feeling light headed and dizzy are two distinct and separate conditions, there are lots of people that could experience them at the similar times. It happens due to some possible reasons. One of those is probably getting drunks. Although getting drunk could cause dizziness and headache, but the dizziness which is caused by vertigo is truly serious. It involves the problems with equilibrium, controlled by inner ears. This is terrifying and horrible experiences to experience the frequent episodes of vertigos either with or without headaches.

Actually, feeling light headed and dizzy conditions are different, but one could cause the others. It probably starts as headache or light headed, but the pain could bring about the dizziness as well. You probably experience spinning sensations; it can be vertigo or dizziness. It could trigger the headache or make existing headache gets worse. Even though dizziness and headache is separate conditions, there could be a link between both. Treating the symptom of one could improve the others.

Feeling Light Headed And Dizzy Know The Reasons

A part of migraine

However, it can be the migraine as well. Dizziness could be definitely a part of migraine and it is referred to as migraines which are associated with vertigo. The episode of dizziness could happen at any time. It can be before the headache, during, even after the headache. Dizziness or vertigo could cause symptoms that include partial vision loss, even double visions, loss of coordination, numbness, weakness, slurred speech, ringing in ears, general confusion, and severe vomiting. Any of all of those symptoms could subside when the headaches start. But, it is possible that some of those symptoms could last for several days, even after the pains go away.

During migraine attacks, it is possible that the pains, discomforts, and nausea could cause dizziness. It can occur after a migraine attack, much like having hangovers. There are lots of people that have migraines associated vertigos suffers from motion sickness.

Last but not the least, feeling light headed and dizzy could be the symptoms of potentially life threatening medical problems. It can be head injuries or neck traumas from several types of accidents, pains in the ears like ringing sensations or tinnitus and hearing loss. Heat exhaustions from the sun could cause both dizziness and headache. The people would look really pale, sweat profusely, crave something to drink, feel really weak, and many others.