causes of cerebral palsy

Types, Diagnosis, and Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Did you know cerebral palsy? Some experts said that cerebral palsy is not a disease, but it is kind of disorder condition. This condition relates to disorder, hearing, vision disorder, and disorder sensation. The causes of cerebral palsy are disorder muscle coordination and movement. Cerebral palsy name comprises of two words, cerebral which has the meaning relating to the brain and palsy which means problem of body movement. Before we discuss about the cerebral palsy causes, it needs to know the deep information about cerebral palsy.

The common causes of cerebral palsy are disorder movement of muscles in the brain. It is not a single trigger because this condition isn’t the single problem. But it is a complex condition in which all types of cell brain need to be repaired. About more than 85 % of cerebral palsy cases have led to injury in the brain during the prenatal period. The cerebral palsy cause is dangerous for the cells of the brain, which manage the muscles movement. The people who suffer the cerebral palsy have the mild to severe disabilities especially in the physical.

Type of Cerebral Palsy

Even though the common causes of cerebral palsy are disorder muscle movement, there are variations of cerebral palsy causes. Each type of cerebral palsy has each specific cause. There are four cerebral palsy types. Some of the classifications are ataxic cerebral palsy, hypotonic cerebral palsy, spastic cerebral palsy and other. Each type of cerebral palsy will lead to certain movement disorders.

The first is athetoid cerebral palsy. Many people know this palsy is dyskinetic cerebral. The characteristics of this palsy are having whirthing and slow movement. It is predicted that this cerebral palsy suffers 14 to 24 percent sufferers from all patients. The causes is disorganizing to controlling the body movement and the disorder movements affect the tongue and face. This can occur in the legs, arms, feet, and hands. The sufferers will feel difficulty in speaking because of the disorder in tongue muscles. While feeling the stress, this condition is getting worse.

causes of cerebral palsyThe second type is spastic cerebral palsy. It is a common type of cerebral palsy, which is experienced by about 80 percent of patients. The causes are paralysis and muscle weakness. They lead to exaggerated reflexes and stiff muscles. The result is the sufferers will have difficulty in walking. The sufferers of cerebral palsy have the disorder of walking styles, like a scissor like walking by crossing their knee.

The third type is hypotonic cerebral palsy. Similar to the other types of condition, the causes are muscle disorder. This cerebral palsy leads to the tone of diminished muscle and relaxed muscles. The legs and the arms will seem floppy and they will move easily. The sufferers with this condition, especially in babies, often cannot control their heads easily. It comes in with breathing problems. When they are growing older, they will face the difficulties in sitting properly. That result is caused by weaker muscles. They are difficult to poor reflexes, speaking, and abnormal walking.

The fourth type is ataxic cerebral palsy. This is the least type of cerebral palsy. The common cause is the movements of voluntary muscle. The movement of the muscles is clumsy, disorganized, and jerky. The people who are experienced with this condition have the balance and coordination problems which make them difficult to walk and perform the functions of motor, like writing and grasping objects.

The causes of Cerebral Palsy

The common cause is the brain abnormality which will be dangerous for the brain development. The damage of the brain happens during the pregnancy or even one year after pregnancy. It is quite complex to diagnose, but there are some possible causes which lead to this condition. Here are the common causes of cerebral palsy.

The first cause is the sufferers’ infection during birth. The mothers will suffer some of the infections. It is like viral infection and German measles. Both of the infections have the contribution in cerebral palsy conditions. Those kinds of infections attack the placental membranes. Besides the infection during the pregnancy, the blood loss in high frequency becomes one of the cerebral palsy causes, although this cause just happens in less than 10 % of total cases.

Another cause is the inadequate oxygen, which reaches the fetus. This occurs under 10 percent of the reported cerebral palsy. Inadequate oxygen occurs when there are malfunctions in the placenta. That problem causes the disruption when the oxygen will be delivered to the fetus. This condition is caused by the brain bleeding which occurs in premature babies. The brain bleeding can destruct the nerves which pick the oxygen up and it leads to the cerebral palsy.

The other causes of cerebral palsy are meningitis infection, which happens in babies. This condition can occur after the pregnancy or the children will get the injuries in their brain during their first year and two years after birth. There is a report that about 10 percent of reported causes of cerebral palsy suffered by the babies. The cause of this condition leads to the head injury after getting accident, car crash, child abuse, and a fall. Those accidents increase the risk factors of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the serious condition which commonly happens with the children. There are some types of cerebral palsy and their causes which need to be educated.