stomach growling after eating

How to Treat Stomach Growling after Eating

After eating, it is normal to feel full or satisfied. However, you have to be careful if your stomach growls. Stomach growling after eating often happens to some people. It may be caused by some factors. Anyway, you have to treat it as soon as possible because it can cause the worse problem if you do not care of it. Therefore, this article will discuss about this condition.

What Does Stomach Growling Means?

When you feel full after eating, sometimes you hear growling from your stomach. Actually, it is normal because it belongs to the parts of the digestion process. However, if it happens to you in often and it sounds like unusual, stomach growling after eating and drinking may indicate any conditions or problems related to your digestion. So, you do not need to worry if stomach growling happens to you, but you have to be careful if it comes too often.

The Causes of Stomach Growling

There are many factors that may cause stomach growling. One of them is that you have irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. In this case, you have to treat it as soon as possible. If you do not care for it, the worse condition may happen to you. Besides that, it may also be caused by the food, fluid, or a squeezing gas process through the digestive tracts after you eat. This condition is also called as muscle constriction. Then, stomach growling after eating sometimes also happens if you have too much air and gas in your stomach and intestines. It is also called as a puffed stomach. It may cause disease, but not dangerous.

stomach growling after eatingThe next factor that can make your stomach growl is that the foods you eat are not digested completely. It may be that the foods are too hard. So, you have to be careful to choose your daily foods to prevent digestion problems. Sometimes, people also have an intolerance to certain foods. Therefore, you have to know your digestive health. For example, some people have an intolerance to chili, hot foods, ice, etc. In addition, stomach growling after eating may also be caused by bacteria in the stomach. In this condition, bloating also usually happens after the stomach growls.

Swallowing air also belongs to one of the causes of stomach growling growl after eating. You have to treat it soon to prevent the worse health condition. Stomach ulcers also become one of the factors that may cause stomach growling. If it happens to you, you have to treat it as soon as possible because it is very annoying. If your stomach exceeds too many acids, stomach growling may also happen to you. So, everything should be in the right measurement. You need to be careful if stomach growling happens because it may be caused by irritation or fungal infection in your stomach.

There are still many other factors that can cause stomach growling after eating. If you eat too many foods with high protein, it may happen to you. If you eat irregularly, your stomach may also growl because your digestion does not work regularly. It can also be caused by certain foods or drinks such as caffeinated coffee, alcohol, etc. Therefore, it is very important to choose healthy foods and drinks. The other causes of stomach growling are stress, anxiety, or when you take antibiotics for certain reasons.

How to Treat Stomach Growling after Eating

As it has been mentioned before, not all cases of stomach growling after eating indicates the dangerous condition of health. However, it will be better to know how to treat it. Of course, the best treatment is to meet a doctor and consult it to him or her. However, you can also treat it by your own at home. Here are some recommended home treatments that you can consider to do.

The first way is to eat smaller foods every 2 hours. It is very helpful to prevent stomach growling after eating foods. Besides that, you can also consider avoiding certain foods like vegetables, artificial sugar substitutes, and beans because they produce much gas. Then, milk and dairy products may also produce excessive gas. Therefore, if your stomach is lactose intolerant, you have to keep away from those foods if you do not your stomach growls. Eating too fast can also cause stomach growling. Therefore, it will be better to eat foods slowly anytime so that the foods can be digested well and completely.

If stomach growling is the case, it is caused by gas, drinking soda can treat this condition because soda can help you release the gas. It will also be a good solution for you to take olive oil before eating. It is very effective to prevent stomach growling after eating. Doing some exercises can also treat stomach growling. In addition, you can also consider walking after eating. Lastly, drinking green tea after eating also becomes of the best treatments.