throwing up stomach acid

Throwing Up Stomach Acid: Causes, Preventions, and Treatments

Have you ever released the vomit from your stomach? If you have ever done it, there is a high amount of stomach acid in your body. While you are throwing up stomach acid, you will get that the vomit. It has a bright yellow or dark green color. When the vomiting of stomach acid undergoes especially after eating, the bile is vomited. That is because the bile secretes about in 20 to 40 minutes after taking a meal. It leads to vomiting of digested meals.

The causes which lead to throw up stomach acid

The first cause of throwing up stomach acid is no food in the stomach. When your stomach is empty, you will suffer some pains, including the vomiting of stomach acid. It is normal when you start to release the vomit because it is kind of the body defense mechanism. You need to keep your body hydrated when you feel nauseous and start vomiting. You need to be careful, especially when the bile has extended toward the esophagus and this condition is dangerous. While you are experiencing the vomiting, you should see the doctor and consult your problem.

The second cause is some intestinal obstacles. A small measure of the intestines leads to vomiting of stomach acid. It happens because there is an obstruction in the small intestines and it causes the bile vomiting. There are some substances in the stomach, including the bile and the combination of the substances goes down to the intestines. The bill, naturally, is forced out of the body by throwing up. There are some intestinal obstacles which cause the vomiting and some of them are gallstones, inflammatory bowel disease, and adhesion.

The cause of throwing up stomach acid is the reflux of acid. Some experts stated that vomiting disorder is almost similar to acid reflux. This condition happens because there is the excess bile in stomach. The bile will force out by vomiting. There is a cause which leads to this vomiting. The cause is the bad food which is consumed. The excessive food poisoning and spicy foods can cause the vomiting. It will stop until there is no vomit in the stomach.

Another cause of throwing up stomach acid is taking too much alcohol in long period. There are many bad effects regarding to alcohols. When you drink much alcohol, your stomach, especially in the lining will get irritated. The impact is the stomach will throw up the vomit involuntarily. The kind of drugs, such as morphine and digitalis can encourage you to vomit the stomach acid and the condition will force the bile out.

Preventions of Throwing Up Stomach Acid

throwing up stomach acidAcid reflux can happen because there are unhealthy foods which are consumed by the people. The ways they eat stimulate the vomiting. There is some prevention to avoid acid reflux. The first is avoiding eating too fast. You need to give the space about 15 minutes, when you are eating. It is important to chew the food. You should eliminate the fatty foods because the stomach has to generate the high acid which provides fatty acid to be digested. By eating the food too fast, it will worsen the condition of the stomach.

Throwing up stomach acid is stimulated by acidic foods. The people who often feel stomach acid reflux need to avoid the acidic foods. By avoiding those kinds of foods, you will prevent the stomach acid vomiting. Some of the foods which have high acid are peppermint, tomatoes, caffeine, garlic, chocolate, citrus fruits, and fried foods. You need to avoid eating foods in bigger frequency. It is better to eat in smaller quantities than to eat in bigger quantities. The bigger the food portion you eat meals, the higher risk of stomach acid that you get.

Throwing stomach acid can be conducted by changing unhealthy lifestyles. The unhealthy eating habit gives the high contribution of stomach acid reflux. By making healthy habit, you can minimize the risk of acid reflux in the stomach. You can wait more than 3 hours after taking meals before you are going to bed. Then, you can do work out after eating meals. So, you should stop smoking because it can weaken the sphincter valve.

Besides changing the unhealthy habits, you can take the home remedies. The home remedies may be overwhelming, but there are several natural home remedies. You can drink the baking soda, which is mixed with water. You can consume the raw almonds and they have the function to decrease the stomach acid vomiting and balance pH. Cider vinegar of apple can help you to improve the performance of the digestive system. Drink the aloe Vera juice and chamomile tea give the similar advantages.

Medication Treatments of Acid Reflux

If throwing up stomach acid for some people is miserable and disgusting, they can take the selected medications to relieve the condition. They can take H2 blockers, which can block the receptors of histamine for vomiting bile. Several medications that can be taken are cimetidine, ranitide (Zantac), and famotidine (Pepcid). This type of medications is better to be taken before eating to reduce the risk of acid reflux.

Besides H2 blockers, the drugs of throwing up stomach acid are proton pump inhibitors (ppis). This type of medication can be used to inhibit the production of stomach acid. One of the proton pump inhibitors is omeprazole (nexium, prisolec). By taking this medicine more than 2 weeks, it has the advantage to give the relief of acid reflux. It is better to limit the consumption of this medicine because this medicine has the side effect.