Is Sucralose Bad for You?

When you eat foods or drink beverages, you avoid the foods or beverages with high sugar. Sugar can cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or other health problems. Foods and beverages will not be that delicious without sugar. Sugar is starting to leave because there is what is called splenda or sucralose. It is a kind of sugar substitute so that foods and beverages will be sweet without sugar. Is this safe? Or is sucralose bad for you? That is what we will discuss in this article. Read more

Will A Yeast Infection Go Away On Its Own?

Have you ever suffered a yeast infection? According to recent research, most of women are going to face yeast infections at least one in their lifetimes. If you have ever experienced the infections, I believe you know the signs and yeast infection symptoms. Some of the signs are irritation with thick and white discharge and vaginal itching. You may feel a burning sensation while you are in urination or having sex. Will a yeast infection go away on its own? Yeast infection is relatively easy to medicate in the normal condition. Some health experts stated that a yeast infection will go away by itself. The yeast infection or candida infection causes symptoms and treatments needs to be proven scientifically.

Causes of yeast infection

Before answering the question, it is important to learn the causes of yeast infection. There are small amounts of yeast which is contained in vagina. When you are in healthy condition, the candida yeast, which is caused by a fungus named Candida Albican can exist well with the immune systems and the other microorganism in the vagina. The yeast cells can spread fast if the balance is disrupted. Because growing quickly, it becomes wet and leads to infections. Read more

Borderline Personality Disorder Definition, Causes, Treatment, Preventions

Mental disorder is one of the most difficult treated diseases because it relates to your own mental. There are many kinds of mental disorder. There are many cases that people have a serious mental disorder. It brings to stress or even mad. One of the most popular mental disorders is borderline personality disorder. What is borderline personality disorder definition? It is a condition where you have an imbalance in your mental that affects your relationships, emotions, etc. If you want to know more about it, you need to follow this discussion below.

The Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder

After you know borderline personality disorder definition, you need to know the factors that cause this mental disorder. There are some causes that are possible. The first is related to genetic factors. This is the natural personality and difficult to change. It may be caused by the environment. Environmental factors have an important role in affecting this mental disorder. It depends on the people around you, including your families and friends. Brain abnormalities caused by trauma, depression, stress, etc. can affect this mental problem. Read more

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment Ideas

A mental disorder may be not dangerous for your body health. It becomes one of the most serious conditions for your mental health. There are many kinds of mental disorders. The newest one is narcissistic personality disorder. It is a condition where you awe yourself and do not have esteem for others. This condition can cause many conditions such as relationship problems, emotional problems, etc. You need to know about narcissistic personality disorder treatment. There are many ways how to treat this mental disorder. It relates to your own mental personality.

The Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

We need to know about the causes first. Know the causes of this mental disorder is very complex. There is no definite factor that causes this problem. The environment has an important role in narcissistic personality disorder. It relates to the relationship between parents and children. Classmate, colleague, and other relationship man affect this mental disorder. Some people believe that it can cause by genetic factors. Narcissistic personality disorder may be caused by behavior and lifestyle. Read more

Strep Throat VS Sore Throat – Causes, Treatments, Preventions

Throat is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Even though it is located inside your mouth, it is common to have problems because you eat and drink through your mouth and throat. There are many cases of throat infections. Throat infections can happen in different conditions. The most common are sore throat and strep throat. They are similar but different. So, this article will discuss about strep throat vs sore throat. Read more

Stomach Flu VS Food Poisoning: Differences and Similarities

People may get thrown up after feeling such a nausea, dizziness. For further condition, those symptoms can be followed by diarrhea, either in mild or severe rate. Those symptoms are pretty similar with food poisoning symptoms. Stomach flu or gastroenteritis shares the same symptoms. How could we differ stomach flu vs food poisoning to find the best treatment and medication? Read more

How Do I Know If I Have A Yeast Infection? Some Matters for Consideration

Yeast infection is one of the serious problems of the women. Yeast infection relates to the vaginal area, so it will face the women. When this disease attacks the women in the first time, they are not aware. They will ask: how do I know if I have a yeast infection? We will talk about some points of terrible yeast infection to know some matters about this disease. Know the matters of it are important to help you knowing your latest condition.

Yeast infection causes

How do I know if I have a yeast infection? For the first time we need to know the cause of the yeast infection. The doctor says that the cause of the yeast infection is the fungus Candida. The doctor explains that the vagina contains of a balanced mix of yeast, such as the Candida and bacteria. When there is too much bacteria in the vagina and there is hurt inside it, those matters will lead you to have the yeast infection. Read more

9 Borderline Personality Disorder Natural Treatment Tips

One of the most common personality disorders is borderline disorder. It happens to those who are teens or adults. It will continue for years and even until you get old. You do not want to have this disorder for all your life. You have to treat is as soon as possible. Going to a doctor or psychiatry is the solution. He or she will give you some drugs or advices you to take some medications. You can consider the safer choice that is a natural treatment. This article will give you the tips on borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

Borderline Personality Disorder Natural Treatment

1. Light Therapy

One of the best ways to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD) is by light therapy. Light therapy is a kind of therapy that functions to treat some diseases, especially disorders or other health problems. This therapy is applied using a light box where your eyes will be exposed by the light box. It will not only able to treat this disease but also other diseases such as insomnia, headaches, eye strains, etc. Read more

Various Options of Treatment for Hip Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the pains related to joints, bones, and muscles. It can happen in various parts of your joints. One of the most common arthritis pains is hip arthritis. It is a pain that occurs in your hip. It is very painful and you cannot do your activities well. You need to relieve it earlier. If you do not treat it, it may be worse and you need the intense treatment and even surgical treatment. We will discuss about the treatment for hip arthritis in this article.

Pain Control of Hip Arthritis

The first idea that you can apply is controlling the pain because it feels so painful. There are many tips to control the pain. One of them is using drugs. Over the counter is one of the best drugs to relieve the hip arthritis pain. Other drugs can also be considered such as naproxen, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. BTreatment for hip arthritis can be realized with injected medication. It will be more effective to control the pain. Read more

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