Pay Attention More to Potential Parts of Blood Clot in the Body

Pay attention for parts of the body that get blood clots is important since it influence the daily activities. The risk that may come from a disease doesn’t always come now, but it can come in the future. Or for the worst, the pain that comes as the result of the disease can be greater. We need to pay attention for the body and the bad habit that we do everyday.

A blood clot can happen to everybody caused by bad habits. There are two kinds of blood clots that are Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). DVT is the type of clot that may stay in the major veins around the legs, pelvis, arms, and other major venues. The PE that can be developed from DVT is the clot that is detached from the part of the veins, and it goes with the blood stream to the lungs. It is important to know how do you know if you have a blood clot since PE is considered as dangerous condition that needs certain treatment.

Beside of those types to get how do you know if you have a blood clot, there is a blood clot that is known as it occurs during menstruation that is important to understand. The blood clot can be seen directly when the blood comes out. It can be said that most of females know this since it happens to them. Even though many women ever get this, but some of them don’t really pay attention enough for it. Even if the blood clot doesn’t give much pain just like other disease like headache, stomachache, or other pains, it has to be taken care well. Read more

The Information about the Differences of the Cardiac Arrest VS Heart Attack Disease

There is the disease with the similarities and the differences. You may need to know about cardiac arrest vs heart attack. There are the description and the information about these kinds of the heart disease. Cardiac arrest vs heart attack disease is the disease that becomes the dangerous disease. They can damage a person’s life and it can make people lose their life. It is important for you to know about the similarities and the differences of this disease, so you can take the best treatment when the disease happens to you.

There are many cases of person’s death because of the heart attack. If you find someone died by the hand hold the chest, it can show that this person dies because of heart attack. It can be different for you to know about the type of the disease. The cardiac arrest vs heart attack should have the clear differences. It will be very useful for you to know about the cardiac arrest and heart attack. You can understand about the both types of the heart disease.

Your assumption about the heart attack that happen to the people who die suddenly may correct, but you should know that there is the other type of the heart disease that is the cardiac arrest. This kind of this disease happens because of the stopped heartbeat. The heart stops to pump the blood to the body. There is the electrical problem in the heart and cause the circulation problem. The artery that is blocked becomes the cause of the cardiac arrest. Read more

Beware of Signs of Kidney Failure

Kidney is part of the body which has a vital function for humans. Kidneys are excretory organs shaped like beans. As part of the urinary system, the kidneys have function to filter impurities from the blood and throw it together with water in the form of urine. There is a pair of kidneys that are located behind the abdomen. The kidneys are located on either side of the spine, below the liver and spleen. Kidneys of adults have a size of 11 cm and a thickness of 5 cm and weigh about 150 grams. Human blood passes through the kidneys as much as 350 times every day at a rate of 1.2 liters per minute, resulting in glomerular filtrate 125 cc per minute. The rate of glomerular is often used to test toward kidney function. There is a term kidney failure. The writer will talk about signs of kidney failure and other matters related to kidney failure.

Maybe some of you do not understand about kidney disease. The writer will give you an understanding of kidney failure. Kidney failure is a disease which kidney function has decreased until finally no longer able to work likes filtering exhaust the body of electrolytes, maintain fluid balance and body chemicals such as sodium and potassium in the blood or urine production. Kidney disease can affect anyone who is suffering from a serious illness or injury. It has a direct impact on the kidney itself. Kidney disease is more occurred in the elderly. Read more

What Causes Kidney Failure And How To Treat This Disease?

What causes kidney failure? This question is important for you to know about how the chronology that can happen. This is because given the importance of kidney health for you. Have you ever experienced kidney failure? Suddenly blood flow in the body becomes smooth. When you experience a very serious accident that causes you to be losing a lot of blood and a lot of bloodstream infection occurs. This may be one of the factors that may cause you to renal failure. There are certain drugs that often you consume unwittingly at risk of kidney disease. These drugs among such as antibiotics, pain medications, blood pressure medications and certain prescription medications.

Stages of kidney failure

You need to know the stages of what is experienced by a person who suffered kidney failure and what causes kidney failure. The urine cannot flow well then kidney failure can occur. You run the risk of tumors, kidney stones, and others that would be very fatal for you. Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

What are the symptoms of diabetes? Diabetes is a condition when insulin in your body is blocked. Insulin is a hormone that helps changing the glucose to energy. With the change in blood sugar, the body becomes insulin deficiency. This will provide effects that may harm your body. For those of you who may now not at all affected by diabetes, you should always be careful of diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes will come to you because this type of the disease is quite difficult to identify. You will need some time to identify the disease. This disease can arise after the occurrence of symptoms for many years. The initial symptoms that arise are only mild symptoms that make you think that it is just an ordinary symptom. But, these symptoms are growing along with your positive experience of this diabetes disease. You need to be cautious before the disease becomes so acute. You will desperately need some clarification on what are the symptoms of diabetes? Read more

What Is Hypothyroidism? Is Important To Knows?

You must care about a lot of the kind of disease that can against you. Know about some disease will make you are aware with the disease. It can keep your body from the disease. Some of you never know about this disease. Hypothyroidism is one kind of disease that can attack man or woman. But, woman is the most infected with this disease. You must know about what is hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism description must you know to make you aware with this disease. You must understand the causes and the effect of hypothyroidism. Know about what is hypothyroidism, what causes of this disease and what the effect that you can get if you are getting hypothyroidism can make you know in early and you can handle the early symptom of this disease. Read more

Disease Overview: What Are Hemorrhoids

Have you heard what are hemorrhoids disease is? Hemorrhoids are the disease that caused by swollen veins into the anal canal human organ. The hemorrhoids come from the swelled veins that form of internal the disease. Most people are possible to attack the disease, even internal or external type or maybe both of them. Lifestyle can cause the disease. So, make sure you keep healthy for your body to avoid many illnesses.

The causes and treatment of each type of hemorrhoids are different. Everyone has the same risk to get this sickness. Pregnant women is one that potency to get the sickness because their baby in the stomach will be increased pressure onto the blood vessel through the pelvis. It occurs for overweight person that has high rick to suffer hemorrhoids. What are hemorrhoids symptoms, signs and treatment that you should take to heal your pain are must you know. See the description of symptoms and treatment for gain protection whether you have serious or common thought. Read more

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease – Signs, Symptoms, and Remedies

GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive disorder wherein the esophagus becomes inflamed or irritated because of the acid coming back from the stomach. Many people, including pregnant women suffer from acid indigestion or heartburn caused by GERD. Heartburn can be relieved through lifestyle and diet changes. Medication and surgery may be needed.

Signs and Symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

The most common symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease is pain. Most people experience a pain at night after lying down. Others may experience the pain after eating something fatty or heavy. It’s beginning as an abdominal pain and you can feel it in the upper part of your ABS. As the acid in the stomach starts traveling up the esophagus, a burning sensation can be felt in the esophagus lining. The symptoms are quite like that of a heart attack. The GERD pain, like heart attack, is experienced in the center of the chest, and gives you tight sensation. The pain moves towards the arms and other parts. Read more