What Does a Blood Clot in the Leg Feel Like?

Swelling may often happen in the legs. It may be caused by various factors. However, you have to treat it as soon as possible before it gets worse. One of the worst effects if you do not treat it soon is that the blood clot may happen. However, there are still many people who do not know what it is. So, what does a blood clot in the leg feel like? Of course, it will be very painful. Because blood clot is very dangerous, we need to discuss it more.

The Symptoms of Blood Clot in the Leg

After knowing what a blood clot in the leg feels like, now we need to know the common symptoms of blood clot that are often to happen. One of them is swelling. Besides that, you may also feel pain that will be more and more. Then, tenderness also becomes one of the most common blood clot symptoms. The next symptom that you need to know is a warm or even hot sensation. Pain in the calf when stretching toes upward can also be a symptom. The last is bluish or pale discoloration. Read more

Types of Signs of Blood Clot in Leg

Blood is definitely one of most essential fluid in the body. One of most common things which happen as you are scraping the skin or body is the process of clotting which takes the places. Sooner as starting to bleed, the collagen substance in the blood will begin to increase viscosity of blood in affected areas for stopping the bleeding. The blood clot is a natural process. It takes the place to protect from the draining all of the blood as you are bleeding. It can dangerous conditions on several cases as this can potentially lead to the embolism. One of dangerous blood clots occurs on the leg. You have to recognize the signs of blood clot in leg. This pain can lead to the serious medical complication.

The common types of signs of blood clot in leg

The first signs of blood clot in leg are the presence of redness. The slight discoloration of skin on areas of clot is frequently one of the first sign of formation of a clot or thrombus deep in the vein. The causes of skin discoloration are pretty straightforward. The dense collection of the blood beneath surface of the skin will become visible as those grow in size. For those who experience the persistent patches of the red skin on legs, after the surgery or injury, you have to bring those to the attention of the doctor. The hallmark of the thrombosis, skin redness will not go away over the time. Read more

Various Symptoms of Blood Clot in Lung

Symptoms of blood clot in lung are sometimes called as the lung disease. It has different symptoms and various surgeries from its characteristic. The symptom is coming from many useful models. The lung damage caused by any food consumption or many things that able to damage the lung and the canal of the digestion. There are some various symptoms with the blood clot in lung and various surgeries.

The different symptoms of blood clot in lung

Various symptoms of blood clot in lung present the causes in food characteristic and present the different surgery. Some of them are the pulmonary embolism. The pulmonary embolism is a chest pain when this disease comes. People will feel hard to breath. It makes people to have a hard pain in the chest. The first symptom seems like a narrow chest inside the lung that causes a heavy breathing. It can be helped with the spray for breathing or other medicines to reduce the hard breathing. This symptom is caused by some factors which needs a serious handling to secure this common disease. Read more

Pay Attention More to Potential Parts of Blood Clot in the Body

Pay attention for parts of the body that get blood clots is important since it influence the daily activities. The risk that may come from a disease doesn’t always come now, but it can come in the future. Or for the worst, the pain that comes as the result of the disease can be greater. We need to pay attention for the body and the bad habit that we do everyday.

A blood clot can happen to everybody caused by bad habits. There are two kinds of blood clots that are Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). DVT is the type of clot that may stay in the major veins around the legs, pelvis, arms, and other major venues. The PE that can be developed from DVT is the clot that is detached from the part of the veins, and it goes with the blood stream to the lungs. It is important to know how do you know if you have a blood clot since PE is considered as dangerous condition that needs certain treatment.

Beside of those types to get how do you know if you have a blood clot, there is a blood clot that is known as it occurs during menstruation that is important to understand. The blood clot can be seen directly when the blood comes out. It can be said that most of females know this since it happens to them. Even though many women ever get this, but some of them don’t really pay attention enough for it. Even if the blood clot doesn’t give much pain just like other disease like headache, stomachache, or other pains, it has to be taken care well. Read more