What are the symptoms of diabetes

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

What are the symptoms of diabetes? Diabetes is a condition when insulin in your body is blocked. Insulin is a hormone that helps changing the glucose to energy. With the change in blood sugar, the body becomes insulin deficiency. This will provide effects that may harm your body. For those of you who may now not at all affected by diabetes, you should always be careful of diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes will come to you because this type of the disease is quite difficult to identify. You will need some time to identify the disease. This disease can arise after the occurrence of symptoms for many years. The initial symptoms that arise are only mild symptoms that make you think that it is just an ordinary symptom. But, these symptoms are growing along with your positive experience of this diabetes disease. You need to be cautious before the disease becomes so acute. You will desperately need some clarification on what are the symptoms of diabetes?

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

The first thing you need to check that you have experienced symptoms of diabetes is hyperglycemia. Hyperkalemia is a phenomenon in which the sugar levels in your body to be increased drastically. It is causing a lack of insulin in your body. Insulin is a hormone that works in the body as a mechanism for controlling blood sugar in the body. Normal blood sugar in the body is about 80 mg / dl to the 110 mg / dL. If the insulin in the body decreases, the blood sugar levels will be raised that exceeds the normal sugar levels. If a person is considered affected by hyperglycemia, the sugar content can reach exceeding 126 mg / dL.

Hyperglycemia has some symptoms of physical traits. It could mark the tone and feel that your vision is blurred. You will feel tired easily. If you feel that, you very lately often feel different from the usual tired. You will frequent urination and always hungry if your body does not have the energy anymore. A fastest solution is to inject insulin into your body. If your condition gets weaker, then you have to perform medical treatment before it is too late.

What are the symptoms of diabetesThe second symptom is Diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA. It happens that when your body cannot convert blood sugar into energy. As a result the body to make energy from fat and muscle is on your body instead. Intake of fat as energy is causing the breakdown of fat (fatty acid). It is released into the bloodstream that lasts a long time, resulting in DKA. DKA is experienced by diabetic level 1. It only caused by a lack of insulin in the body. It is causing the body to get energy which contains enough blood sugar levels are available. The symptoms of DKA consist of symptoms such as abdominal pain, shortness of breath, vomiting and skin always wants to suddenly become dry. If the symptoms are more serious, you should quickly for medical treatment.

What are the symptoms of diabetes for the next? The symptoms of diabetes, which in turn is HONK (hyperosmotic non cerotic acidosis). Honk symptom is a symptom that suffered by diabetic’s level 2. This happens because the body responds that is causing high sugar levels. You will always urinate which causes you to always feel dehydrated. Other symptoms are skin becomes dry, then thirst prolonged even after you drink plenty of fluids. You feel a high fever. It is important to know what are the symptoms of diabetes, because this disease can be very harmful to your life.

How can you know that you get the symptoms of diabetes?

Sometimes people are confused to think if they have diabetes. A study says that the country the United States has identified more than 8 million people affected by diabetes. It is quite ironic at all. It is very necessary for us to know what makes you be affected by this disease. The first thing is because the lack of a healthy lifestyle. Eating too many sugary foods can get diabetes. You need to consume fibrous vegetables and high protein to avoid the symptoms of diabetes.

The second symptoms of diabetes are due to genetic factors. For those who have a history of descent tone can get experience the same symptoms of diabetes. You need to always maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. That is a fibrous foods, vegetables, protein and exercising regularly.

Another disease caused by diabetes

What are the symptoms of diabetes? This has been clearly explained at the top of this article. The diseases may arise as a result of the symptoms of diabetes. Keep in mind that diabetes has several levels where each level will have a different risk, the higher levels of diabetes. You will be exposed to a high risk as well. For level 1 diabetes is only mild symptoms are caused by a lack of insulin in the body. It can be treated by injecting insulin in the body in a hurry. But, for those affected by diabetes level 2, the risk you face will be higher as well.

For people with diabetes 2 will be at risk of pancreatic cancer. It is a case that has been debated in the world of medicine. The researchers of Chinese universities in Shenyang have conducted research using meta analysis as a method for doing this research. According to an article published in July 2015, there were 44 case studies of pancreatic cancer that have been analyzed in a study found that people with diabetes over the past year. It has likely 64% to not affected by pancreatic cancer, but otherwise bag diabetics that they have the possibility of 58% for getting pancreatic cancer. What are the symptoms of diabetes is indeed dangerous.

You have to keep your body and your health well. You know about  what are the symptoms of diabetes, how is their characteristics and what are the risks that can occur. This is very important because it can give a lesson to you to always maintain your diet and your lifestyle to be healthy and avoid diabetes.