Psoriasis Category

Psoriasis is the bad thing that can make your skin in the bad condition. You should know about the cause and you should know about the prevention. It can make the skin of the body getting worst if you do not know about the symptom. If you get the symptom on your body, you should come to the hospital and make the consultation for the disease. Your doctor will give you the best advice and you should make the treatment to stop this disease.

The condition of the skin which has the Psoriasis will look bad. There are the bad conditions such as the red color on the skin, scaly, and itchy. This disease can spread from the small are to the all skin of the body. There is the koebner phenomenon that is the condition of injury on the skin which can trigger the change of the psoriatic skin on the spot. The Psoriasis on the body has some variation such as plague, inverse, guttate, and erythrodermic.

This first kind of the Psoriasis is plaque, the character of this kind of the disease is red patches and there are the white scales on the skin. Inverse is the Psoriasis disease kind that happens on the fold of the skin. Guttate character is the drop shaped of lesions. And the last is erythrodermic that happen in the widespread. It can cause the other type of this disease spread. It can make the change of the nails shape and color.

This Psoriasis can be included as the genetic disease. It can happen because of the environmental factors. The symptoms can be worst on the winter. This disease can be shared by the genetic factors. If there is the family that has this disease, the other family member such as the children or grandchildren may get this disease. This symptom has no cure, but there must be various treatments that can control the symptoms. Below are articles about psoriasis category: