panic disorder with agoraphobia

Know Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Did you know the panic disorder with agoraphobia? This kind of disorder condition came from two conditions, panic disorder and agoraphobia. It needs to give an overview both of the condition. The first one is panic disorder. People with panic disorder, called as anxiety attacks. The experience from intense sudden attacks that they have an overwhelming fear that they feel awful condition. This disorder will stimulate the bodies to react the condition and they always feel threatened. Based on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, there are approximately six million adults which suffered the panic disorder. The disorder condition appeared in the age of 25.

After describing panic disorder which generates the panic disorder with agoraphobia, it needs to give an overview about agoraphobia. People with agoraphobia have an uncontrolled fear in the certain location. They will be afraid of a place where they feel uneasy to escape from the location. Some of the places are theaters, airplanes, malls, trains, and the same locations. The sufferers try to avoid the situation and the place where they get the panic condition before. Feeling fear will happen continuously and the condition will limit the sufferers to explore many locations outside.

Causes of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

The first cause is genetics. There is no the definite cause of these conditions. Some researchers stated that panic disorder and agoraphobia is related to the genetics. Genetics are involved in this panic attack. The people who are diagnosed with this kind of disorder have the family members who have the similar disorder. Some individuals who are with this disorder affect their identical twins. The chance of being attacked is 40 percent.

Another cause of panic disorder with agoraphobia is high pressure of stress. Stress can improve the risks of many diseases and disorder conditions. Some of the diseases are panic disorder and agoraphobia. Uncontrolled stress can bring on the disorder. The people will suffer high intense of stress in certain conditions. For example their beloved person has passed away. They got divorced. They are loss of their jobs. The other circumstances which will disrupt their normal life.

The third cause of panic disorder with agoraphobia is attack development. According to the scientific article which was published in Ethology and Sociobiology journals, the people with the panic attack in the first time will be easy to get panic when they are far from their home. The attack comes on without warning. The sufferers just try to avoid the certain situation. They feel that the situations are the potential trigger of the attacks. The people will be fearful even though the attacks are getting low in the frequency.

The symptoms of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

panic disorder with agoraphobiaPanic disorders with agoraphobia occur when the sufferers feel uncontrolled fear of certain places. They feel difficult to escape the location and to get help from the others when they are in panic condition. The panic attacks of places can happen in the places. Such as bridges, crowds, malls, planes, or trains. Feeling the fear of being alone indicates that the people suffer this panic attack. The people with agoraphobia feel fear of helpless, feel uncontrolled in public area, and they rarely go out from their home.

Panic attacks feel strong panic for about 20 minutes. The sufferers will feel that their bodies are threatened as if they face the dangerous condition and situation. The additional signs are increased the heart races, feeling sick in the stomach, and really want to escape from the existing location. They will get much sweat in their body. Their chest gets pain and dizziness.

Diagnosis of Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

It needs to take a time to diagnose the correct and definite symptoms of panic disorder with agoraphobia. The symptoms of panic disorder and agoraphobia are almost similar to the other conditions. The sufferers need to consult to the physiological or doctors if needed. The doctors will give both physiological and physical evaluation that differs from the other conditions, like substance abuse, hormone imbalance, and heart problem.

The first symptom of panic disorder with agoraphobia is having an unexpected and high frequency of panic attacks. The sufferers get the other panic attack after they have ever suffered it previously. The panic attacks did not come from the effects of drugs, alcohol, other illness, and physiological disorders. For the agoraphobia sufferers, they will feel embarrassed when they are out from their home. They will suffer the high distress when they are in the certain locations which stimulate their panic.

Treatments of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

Panic disorder with agoraphobia needs to be treated to reduce the effects of the conditions. The better treatment can be done by the doctors or physiotherapist. There are two kinds of treatments that can be done. The first one is taking physiotherapy. One of the psychotherapy is cognitive behavior therapy. This type of therapy is focused on understanding and identifying the panic attacks. After conducting those activities, the therapist will learn to change the thought’s pattern and behavior.

Besides taking psychotherapy, the sufferers can take the certain medications. There are some medications of panic disorder with agoraphobia. The most common medication is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) which are kinds of antidepressant drugs. The SSRIs drugs, including Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft are the first choice in threatening panic attack. Most of panic disorder sufferers tend to choose these drugs because they can provide better progression for panic disorder condition. They have the side effects.