what is osteo arthritis

Have you ever heard about osteoarthritis? What is osteoarthritis? We will talk about this matter in our discussion about health. We will head to this term because this disease is suffered by many people. Most of them do not understand about the circumstance where they are into when they deal with this osteoarthritis. Let us learn more about this disease, so we will be able to do what it takes to make this disease disappear from our body.

What is osteoarthritis?

You need to know about this arthritis. Arthritis is a common disease that often deals with our joints and bones. This arthritis is the disease that attacks our bones. This arthritis happens when the power of regeneration in our cartilage is weaker. This condition will make the condition of our cartilage will not good enough to endure the movements that we make as the recovery of the broken part of the cartilage does not work well. We get a diminished Cartledge and it results in excruciating pain in our joints around our body.

The Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

The next explanation for the question about what is osteoarthritis is the symptoms that happen when we start to get this disease. You will have a severe pain in your joints around the ankles, knees, and shoulders. When you have got this pain in your joints, you will automatically have a difficulty to moving because your movement will be restricted by the pain that is produced from your joints.

what is osteo arthritisThe next explanation for what is osteoarthritis in the symptoms is the cracking and creaking feeling and sounds in your joint. When you experience a creaking sound in your body frequently, it means that there is something wrong with your joints. This creaking gets more persuading as the symptoms of the arthritis. This will happen with the excruciating pain which you feel from your joint itself. You will experience an inflammation along with the pain too in the joint. This inflammation will need to be treated well by reducing your activities.

The next symptoms are the muscle issues. The muscle issues are shown in the diminishing power to move and the weakening of muscles to moving the bones. The Cartilage, which is not developed well does not only make the excruciating pain. It makes a really painful feeling. This painful feeling will make you face a hard time of moving where your muscles will have less strength to move freely like what you did when you are fine.

In the case of the worst symptoms, the deformity can happen when we get a really bad arthritis. Arthritis which is bad will trigger the bones to have a deformity. It will really be bad for you as deformity can result in the paralyzed condition. Serious treatment needs to be conducted for making the condition of the victim not get any worse. The sleep issues happen because the pain will not let the victim sleep well.

Treatments for Osteoarthritis

We will talk about the treatments that we can do for overcoming this matter. You will need to avoid some aggravating foods that you consume in your daily life. We need to avoid this aggravating food because this food is often contained bad substances that will not be healthy for our bod. We will need to deal with through avoiding it.

For understanding the aggravating food, here are some information that you can get for knowing which one is the aggravating food. Dairy products are the aggravating foods that are easy to be found around us. The dairy products like milk and cheese do contain much calcium. It is hard to be digested by the body. The long digestion will make the cartilage have longer time to grow as it gets less nutrition. The acidic beverages and foods are the next causes of this arthritis. The examples of this food are the citrus, rhubarb, alcohol, oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.

The last aggravating food that you need to avoid is the wheat foods. The wheat food is really good food because it provides the biggest substance for producing energy in our body. When you are healthy, it is okay to consume wheat. But, when you need fast recovery for the energy, you should find better alternatives for energy than wheat because wheat is hard to be digested.

The last answer for what is osteoarthritis in the treating part is the positive thinking. Positive thinking is the answer for the osteoarthritis treatment. There are some good reasons for having positive mind. The power of mind makes the body to get more regulated process that will make every process faster in the body. Less depression makes the body healthy. It will increase some positive actions in our body like increasing the healing rate in the body.

Those are all the answer that is clear from what is osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint disease is the most common disease of the joints that happen in our body. We need to act wisely and know what it takes to keep the growth of our cartilage well for facing our fast movement in the daily activities. Keep health is much better than curing disease because by staying healthy, we do not have to feel the suffering of having pain.