oil pulling coconut oil

Oil Pulling Coconut Oil: Overview

Have you ever heard about oil pulling coconut oil? Most of you have already known about that word. Coconut oil pulling can be categorized as one of the perfect ways to promote the healthy gums and teeth and to get rid of the bacteria. This method is not popular among the citizens but over the time. Coconut pulling oil has raised it’s popularity in the United Stated. This oil pulling was used in Ayurveda medicine. It was grouped as the phenomenal procedure oral detoxification which simply conducted. Swish the oil into your mouth for 10 minutes up to 20 minutes.

Oil pulling coconut oil works by detoxifying or cleaning the cavity in your mouth. The method is almost similar to the soaps which clean the dirty dishes. This method can be used to blast the toxins from your mouth. It make the healthy and clean oral environment contributing to the proper dental liquid flow. It is useful to prevent the oral cavity and diseases in your mouth.

Benefits of Oil pulling coconut oil

This procedure has been used for many years. It has many benefits for the medical environments. This procedure can be used to cure the decay in your teeth. It is beneficial for killing the bad breath. Healing bleeding gums can be treated by taking this procedure. You can prevent the high risk of heart disease by taking coconut oil pulling. Do you have the yellow teeth? This procedure can present the best treatment for whitening your teeth. Take this coconut oil pulling can lower the inflammation risk in your bodies.

Besides the benefits of oil pulling coconut oil above, taking this procedure can soothe your throat dryness. If you have many oral cavities, this procedure can be the right choice in preventing your cavities. You have many choices for boosting your system immune and one of the best choices is taking coconut oil pulling. You can heal your cracked lips, and improve your acne by this procedure. Strengthening jaw and gums is one of the benefits of taking coconut oil pulling.

History of Oil Pulling

oil pulling coconut oilBefore discussing about the oil pulling coconut, it is better to present short history. Can you imagine if people run their life without brushing their teeth everyday? Long years ago, most of ancient people did not use the tooth brush when they wanted to clean their teeth. Clean the teeth by brushing them is new because the toothbrushes was not the part of American experience in the end of 1930s. The important thing that should be noted is most of ancestors did not brush their teeth by using toothpaste, but they had the strong and intact teeth.

You have a question, like did they take the tooth brushing or oil pulling coconut oil? The answer can be variable. Most of our ancestors consumed the natural and real foods. They did not consume processed grains and sugar which are rich on physic acid. The kind of acid will destroy the enamel of the teeth. They treat their teeth with the natural method, like chewing the sticks and the evidence was found 3000 BC in Egypt. Based on the scientific evidence, the ancestors took oil pulling for their healthy teeth.

Research of Oil Pulling Coconut

Before oil pulling is popular, there are some researches in associated with the coconut oil pulling. The first research was conducted by Pediatric Dentistry Department in Tamil Nadu, India. The research shows that oil pulling including coconut oil pulling can decrease the bacteria, streptococcus mutants which act as the significant contributor of the decay of the tooth in the saliva and plaque of children. Oil pulling is beneficial as preventive adjunct to improving and managing the oral health. The department uncovered that oil pulling can greatly decrease the aerobic microorganisms in the plaque.

The research of oil pulling coconut oil above show that oil pulling can be utilized as the effective mouthwash to prevent the bad breath and lower the microorganism which causes it. Why should you use coconut oil for oil pulling? There was a test in associated with oil pulling using sesame oil. It delivers the good effect, but most of people tend to use the coconut oil for their oil pulling.

Coconut oil contains many benefits.

Coconut oil has many benefits and some of them are presented as follows. Coconut oil is beneficial for balancing hormones, improving digestion, killing Candida, moisturizing the skin, reducing cellulite, decreasing wrinkles and age spots , improving energy, balancing sugar, lowering LDL cholesterol, improving HDL, burning fast, and improving Alzheimer’s

I would like to present how to do coconut oil pulling. There are some steps that can be taken for oil pulling. You need to ensure for oil pulling in the morning after you wake up from your bed. Then, you can delay brushing your teeth and drinking any beverages before you do oil pulling. You can swish your mouth with coconut oils about 1 up to 2 tablespoons gently. You can do that activity for approximately 10 minutes up to 20 minutes. So, you should ensure that you do not swallow anything, except the oil.

The next step of oil pulling coconut oil is spitting out the coconut oil into the trash. After spitting out, you need to rinse your mouth immediately. You can use the warm water which is added by salt and micro bacterial properties. Then, you can brush your teeth back normally, using toothpaste. You have already conducted the coconut oil pulling. You can do oil pulling with coconut oil 3 up to 4 times a week. So, you can add the other essential oil to mix your oil pulling.