natural remedy for headache

The Natural Remedy for Headache

Have you ever suffered headache? All of people have ever got a headache. Some people will take the medicine, both chemical and natural medicine, takes a rest, and so on. Before you find the solution of headache, you need to consider the cause firstly. The headache can be caused by many causes. After you got the causes, you will be easy to decide the method of remedies that you should take. Natural remedy for headache is the best choice to treat the headache.

Headache caused by a bad position while you were sitting, dehydration, bad tension located in the neck, lack of relax, the bad diet program and so on. You can use the simple and natural remedy for headache by checking your water consumption, improving your chair, resting your eyes, and so on. All of the activities above can help you to find the indication of headache causes. Indicating the causes will help you to choose the best prevention, especially best headache natural remedies. Here are some effective natural remedies which can be used to medicate the headache.

8 Natural Remedy for Headache

1. Grapes

Grapes present the great and natural remedy for headache. This fruit belongs to headache natural remedy. It gives some steps or recipe to seek the relief from headache pain. The simplest step is you can eat a bowl or a bunch of ripe grapes. You can vary consuming grapes by juicing the ripe grapes, (notes; not for wine, it is for natural medicine) and the juice can help you to medicate the headache. By squishing and grinding the grapes, you will get not only the freshness of fruit but also the relief from headache.

natural remedy for headache2. Water

Water can be used to natural remedy for headache. The consumption of water regularly has the function to reduce the time period of suffering headache or migraine. By drinking much water, you will help your body to keep the body hydrated. It will help you to medicate the episode of your current headache.

3. Ginger

One of the natural remedy for headache can be medicated by consuming ginger. The blood vessel Inflammation can be reduced by consuming ginger. It can give the relief from suffering headache. There are some steps or methods for consuming ginger as a natural medicine. You can mix the lemon juice and ginger juice. Then, you can drink the mixed juice in twice a day. You can apply one teaspoon of ginger in powder mixed with water on your forehead. You can inhale the ginger vapor, but you need to boil the powder of ginger before you inhale it.

4. Basil

Basil can be categorized as the natural medicine. It can be used as the main material for headache treatment. Basil can treat the mild headache which is caused by tense muscle. Basil can present the analgesic and calming effect. How to use these leaves for headache natural remedies? It is quite simple. The first method is boiling three of four basil leaves and keep it simmering. You can add the honey and drink the cup of basil tea. You can take the alternative method by chewing some fresh basil leaves or you can massage your head, forehead exactly, with the mixing of base oil and basil oil.

5. Lavender Oil

Lavender is used as the source of the fragrance. It can be used as the part of natural remedy for headache. The lavender oil is quite easy to be applied to medicating the headache. By smelling the lavender oil scent, you can get great impact of headache tension relief. You can inhale the drops of essential lavender oil or you can drop the lavender oil into boiling water cups. After that, you can inhale the lavender steam.

6. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can help you to reduce the headache tension. This type of oil can be applied as the main material of natural remedy for headaches. One of the causes that lead the headache is the clogging of blood vessels. The menthol, which is contained in the peppermint has the function to open the blood vessels. You can inhale the steam of peppermint oil and boiling water mixing or you can massage your forehead by using the peppermint oil.

7. Ice pack

Use ice pack is the simple ways to get the relief from headache. The cold produced from the ice can decrease the inflammation which can be known as the cause of headache. You can apply the pack of ice in your back of the neck and you can feel the relief from this disease. You can compress your forehead for a half until an hour. It can relieve the pain of headache.

8. Apple

Our grandparents or our parent has ever proposed the apple as the natural remedy for headache. Treating the headache tension by eating the apple is the tasty way. Some researches stated that apple is so effective for reducing headache pain. It can help the balancing of acidic and alkaline levels in our body. Some said that it contains flavonoid which can help the headache treatment. The important notes that an apple is safe to be used as the headache natural medicine.

There are many other remedies that can be used to relieve the headache pain. Natural remedy for headache can be the best choice to heal the headache disease. Without drugs or the other chemical medicine, you can treat your headache tension without remaining the negative impact. It is effective enough to use the healing methods above. When you get the headache, you do not need to see the doctor or take the drugs. You can utilize and consume the natural medicine above from your home remedies. Just try by yourselves. You can feel the benefits of using the natural remedies.