What causes kidney failure

What Causes Kidney Failure And How To Treat This Disease?

What causes kidney failure? This question is important for you to know about how the chronology that can happen. This is because given the importance of kidney health for you. Have you ever experienced kidney failure? Suddenly blood flow in the body becomes smooth. When you experience a very serious accident that causes you to be losing a lot of blood and a lot of bloodstream infection occurs. This may be one of the factors that may cause you to renal failure. There are certain drugs that often you consume unwittingly at risk of kidney disease. These drugs among such as antibiotics, pain medications, blood pressure medications and certain prescription medications.

Stages of kidney failure

You need to know the stages of what is experienced by a person who suffered kidney failure and what causes kidney failure. The urine cannot flow well then kidney failure can occur. You run the risk of tumors, kidney stones, and others that would be very fatal for you.

Kidney failure stages

There are 5 stages for people with kidney failure. A large part of people who are getting a kidney failure disease is not suddenly coming. But after experiencing symptoms is long enough. You should be alert to the possibility of things going on.

Stage 1-2 is an early stage. It can be regarded. There are no phase characteristics significantly because the kidneys are working 100% properly. You feel that your self is fine and have no symptoms of the disease. But if you do a medical examination, it will be seen that the urine test. There are protein and certain substances in your urine. It is important for you to perform medical checks to prevent the occurrence of renal failure early.

What causes kidney failureThe third stage, you have started to experience a variety of symptoms that indicate the symptoms. At this stage, you will begin to feel symptoms such as insomnia, very easy feel tired, a lot of fluid buildup in the palm of your hands, face, and legs. Your urine will be looking frothy and have a dark color. You will often experiencing back pain is not unbearable.

Entering the fourth stage of causes kidney failure and then this will be very dangerous enough your body condition. Your body is experiencing a lack of filtration of blood. It is causing kidney failure. If you already entered this stage then you will experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, prolonged, nausea and always wanted vomiting, loss of appetite. You will be difficult to focus and toes. Your hands always experiencing numbness. Fifth stage is the highest stage because at this stage you will have to survive the risk is lower. You will see the blood in your body cannot be filtered. You really had kidney failure and needs special care.

What are some of the kidney function?

The kidney is an organ that serves to loss the excessive fluid in the body, such as minerals, and wastes a way to filter the blood to clean it. Kidney has a role that is making the hormones in the body and keep your bones strong and healthy. You need to know what causes kidney failure. If you have kidney failure, your body will not function properly. There will be no filtering of the waste and excess fluid in your body. Your body will not be able to bring up the red blood cells, which are very important for the body.

The treatment

As above explained about the stages of kidney disease and the causes kidney failure, it will be a thing that you should consider reminding how dangerous this disease. It is very high risk of death. The treatment need to know for kidney failure. The first treatment is to do hemodialysis. It is a machine that serves to help to make blood screening. There peritoneal dialysis is to do blood screening using existing stomach lining on the body. If you get two treatments fail, the last way you have to do is to perform a kidney transplant because if not, it will lead to death.

By performing hemodialysis machine, it has helped to cleanse your body of various wastes that are harmful to your body. The dialysis machine as instrumental is to replace kidney function. It can help to control the rise in blood pressure in your body. The machine is very helpful to balance the chemicals that exist in the body, such as sodium, calcium, and bicarbonate. But this treatment has some side effects that can occur blockage caused by blood clots and blood flow in the body. You are particularly at risk for experiencing muscle cramps and hypotension caused by decreased blood pressure. It could be avoided with a healthy diet that recipe by doctors.

The last way is to do a kidney transplant. Kidney transplantation is a final treatment solution where you would need a kidney donor who is suitable for your body. You should be advised to medical to find a donor kidney is suitable for your body. Not all types of kidney would be suitable for your body. You will need the donor kidney accordingly. After a kidney to be transplanted, your body will not reject to kidney donors.

Visit to your doctor

It’s obvious to you all about what causes kidney failure, kidney function and the treatment. It is expected for you to always keep your health, especially your kidneys. The kidney has a very important role in the body to balance and perform filter against harmful substances. If your kidneys fail, you have to undergo treatment from a doctor to get a special intensive care treatment.