what is hypothyroidism

What Is Hypothyroidism? Is Important To Knows?

You must care about a lot of the kind of disease that can against you. Know about some disease will make you are aware with the disease. It can keep your body from the disease. Some of you never know about this disease. Hypothyroidism is one kind of disease that can attack man or woman. But, woman is the most infected with this disease. You must know about what is hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism description must you know to make you aware with this disease. You must understand the causes and the effect of hypothyroidism. Know about what is hypothyroidism, what causes of this disease and what the effect that you can get if you are getting hypothyroidism can make you know in early and you can handle the early symptom of this disease.

What is hypothyroidism disease?

Hypothyroidism is one kind of disease that appear from the thyroid hormone. When your body is in lack sufficient from thyroid hormone, it’s mean you are getting Hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is a hormone in the body that has the main purpose to run the body’s metabolism. When your thyroid gland that is located in the front of your neck does not produce enough thyroid hormone, its call with hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormone is the important thing for your body because thyroid hormone use to maintenance your body metabolism. What is hypothyroidism is you can see when you find people with slow metabolism for their body. Thyroid hormone is running about your metabolism. When your body in not enough thyroid hormone, you can’t get good metabolism in your body.

What are hypothyroidism causes?

what is hypothyroidism You can find hypothyroidism causes from some of different factors. You must give your attention in these causes. So, you can avoid from this disease. The first thing that becomes the causes of this disease is surgical removal. This is one of the common cause form the hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism can appear depend on the thyroid hormone in your body. You will get hypothyroidism when your body gets low thyroid hormone. One thing that causes your body to get low thyroid hormone is the radiation treatment. Radiation treatment from cancer operation will make your gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone and make you get hypothyroidism. Radiation treatment can destroy a lot of cells of the thyroid that make you are getting little thyroid hormone in your body. This causes be the most common causes of Hypothyroidism that you must give your attention.

Other causes like not enough iodine in your body. Not enough iodine in your body make you are can get hypothyroidism. Iodine use to produce the thyroid hormone. Iodine can’t you get from your body because it can’t produce iodine. You must maintenance to supply your body with enough iodine. Then, you can consume foods that contain with enough iodine to keep your body from hypothyroidism.

You will get low thyroid if you are consuming medications too much. You must avoid other causes that can make your body get low thyroid hormone to make your body still in healthy and keep away from hypothyroidism. Worst effect that you will get if you are getting this disease is your metabolism in worst and your body will work and in worst condition.