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Hypothyroidism can be called as underactive thyroid illness. Hypothyroidism is a common kind of disorder hypothyroidism because of the thyroid does not enough of the hormone thyroid. The thyroid is in the lower part of the neck in the body. The hormone of thyroid land will be released by the gland travel into your bloodstream. It can affect every part of your body starting from heart, brain and skin. The thyroid has the function to control the body to using cells to get energy that is produced from the foods which is called by metabolism.

The thyroid hormone has the function to control the temperature of the body, the heartbeat, and the calories burnt. If you have hypothyroidism, it means that you do not have thyroid hormone enough in your body. It can cause the process of metabolism to be slow. Your body cannot make much energy and the result is the metabolism is sluggish.

What the things that can cause hypothyroidism? There are many cases of hypothyroidism that happen. The common thing that can because hypothyroidism is hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Thyroiditis is a kind of inflammation that happen is the thyroid gland. This hashimoto’s thyroiditis is called by autommune disorder. It can produce the antibody which can attack the gland of tyroid that may can cause viral infection.

Hypothyroidism has some symptoms. There are fatigue, weight gain, dry hair and coarse, weakness, hair loss, constipation, the pale skin, cold intolerance, depression, memory loss, abnormal menstrual circle and many others. Hypothyroidism must be treated as soon as possible to preventing the bad risk. Patient who get the symptoms will get one symptom and the as the time goes, there will be another symptoms that can bother you. It is recommended for you to go to see the doctor for the medical treatment. Below are articles about hypothyroidism category: