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Hemorrhoid is a kind of disease that  known as piles. Hemorrhoids can cause the extremely painful and hurtful for many people, but  this kind of disease is easy to be treated and it is very preventable. These hemorrhoids can get ever worst when you just ignore without getting any medical treatment. It is recommended by the health care professional for those of you who experience this illness. You should get the treatment as soon as possible. Hemorrhoids are experienced by adult in the four and fifty ages.

As older your age, it will be easier for you to get hemorrhoids. But this does not mean that hemorrhoids cannot be experienced by children and young people. Hemorrhoids are often experienced by men than women. Women get this are pregnant women. So, what the things that can cause hemorrhoids? It can happened if the vein around of anus where in the rectum are inflamed the people who have hemorrhoids.

There are some reasons of hemorrhoids. There are pregnancy, aging, the chronic of diarrhea, chronic of constipation, the straining to move stools. Too long sitting can cause hemorrhoids especially in the toilet, obesity, and anal intercourse and genetic. People who have genetic hemorrhoids have a big chance to have this illness.

Hemorrhoids can occur in the outside and inside of the anus. But, hemorrhoids can appear under the skin of anus. Hemorrhoids have some symptoms. There are bleeding and feeling painless and the people may see the red blood on the paper toilet that is used. There is the itching feeling and irritation in the area of anal, feeling discomfort and pain, and the lump protruding, and swelling feeling in the anal area. Below are articles about hemorrhoids category: