health benefits of spinach

The Health Benefits Of Spinach

Have you ever seen the Popeye cartoon film? I believe that most of you watched the film. Did you know the special vegetable which was consumed by Popeye? Spinach is one of the leafy greens, which give the power and incredible energy after consumed by Popeye. That is in the fictional story and how is about in reality? Spinaches give the advantages. There are many health benefits of spinach.

The definite facts about the health benefits of spinach needs to present the breakdown of nutritional spinach. The measurement of the nutrients will be used cup measurement. A cup of unripe spinach has 27 calories. The calcium is 30 milligrams whereas the protein is 0,86 grams. The iron is 0.81 grams, whereas the magnesium is 24 milligrams. The potassium is 167 milligram whereas folate is 58 micrograms. The spinach preserves the calories which come from protein.

The health benefits of spinach, especially in cooked spinach are great. This type of green vegetables has calcium, about 250 mg. This level of spinach calcium is easier to be absorbed than the calcium from dairy products. Spinach is rich in oxalate content. It has functions to bind the calcium. About 5 % of calcium or 12.5 milligrams per one cup of spinach is absorbed by the body, where’s the calcium in milk is 28%, or about 300 mg per one cup. After presenting the nutritional composition, we know that spinach has the health benefits.

7 Health Benefits Of Spinach

1. Managing diabetes disease by consuming spinach

Spinach is categorized as one of the leafy greens, which have many benefits for health. One of the health benefits of spinach is this vegetable has the great properties. It used to manage the glucose in the blood. The spinach benefit of health is preserving the high antioxidant. The antioxidant is specifically known as alpha lipoic acid. The type of acid has an advantage to control the blood sugar level. This property can improve the sensitivity of insulin. It can be used to prevent the oxidative stress.

health benefits of spinach2. Protecting from Cancer

One of the spinach characteristics is the green color. It indicates that this type of vegetable is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can be found in the other green vegetables. But, spinach can be known as the great source of that substance. Another health benefit of spinach is this green vegetable provides the high chlorophyll. It has an advantage to block the effect of carcinogenic of heterocyclic amines. The substance provided by the spinach above will generate while the foods are grilled in a high temperature.

3. Preventing from Asthma disease

Have you ever been experienced asthma? If you have ever you can eat more spinach in routine. Besides controlling the glucose level and preventing cancer, one of the health benefits of spinach is to give your body’s prevention of asthma. People who suffer asthma are lack of specific nutrients. They need to consume the great nutrients to treat the disease. One of the nutrients is beta carotene contained in the spinach. Even though the properties can be found in broccoli, cantaloupe, apricots, carrots and pumpkin, spinach is the great source of beta carotene.

4. Making blood pressure low

Another health benefit of spinach is providing a great amount of potassium. Potassium is one of the important properties which are needed in our body. It is the best property to reduce the bad effect of sodium in the body, especially for people who have higher blood pressure. The lower the potassium exists in our body, the higher blood pressure risk will develop. Spinach is not the one of vegetables, which is rich in potassium. There are tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, and lima beans, which have a high amount of potassium. The spinach benefit of health is preserving the high potassium, but there is an exception for those who have the disorder function of their kidney. It means that their kidney cannot get rid of the excess of potassium.

5. Avoiding bone fracture

There are the other health benefits of spinach and one of them is helping us to prevent the bone fracture. Our bodies need the good nutrients to make them healthy. One of the important nutrients is vitamin K. The person who has no disease, or even with the disease needs adequate vitamin consumption, especially vitamin K. This vitamin has the function to modify the matrix protein in bones. It can increase the absorption of calcium and decrease the calcium urinary excretion.

6. Making hair and skin healthy

Besides acting as the excellent source of vitamin K, the other health benefit of spinach is one of the great sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A performs as the nutrient to produce sebum. The sebum has the function to hold hair moisturized. This vitamin can help the body to grow the tissues in the body including hair and skin. The spinach can preserve the collagen which is useful for skin and hair growth.

7. Gaining greater iron properties

The last health benefit of spinach is preserving the high amount of iron content. Spinach has the bigger iron than meat and the iron content exists without the fat and just having fewer calories. Iron is the important component of hemoglobin in our body. It has a function to deliver the oxygen into the entire body.

There are many health benefits of spinach. Spinach can be consumed in raw and cooked. Both of them have the high amount nutrients. Based on the nutritional composition, it can be proven that this leafy green has the high nutritious properties which are needed for the body. It is a great source of magnesium, vitamin k, beta carotene and the other properties.