foods that speed up metabolism

6 Best Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Do you want to have the food which can burn your calorie effectively? If you want to reduce your extra pounds, it is better for you take some exercises. Besides that, you need to keep in mind of your foods that you eat daily. You should choose the foods which can help you to lower your calorie too, and the type of the foods are foods that speed up metabolism. Several of them are presented below.

6 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

1. Egg Whites

The first food that speed up metabolism is egg whites. Do you know egg whites? I believe that most of you have known it and have ever consumed this kind of foods. Some nutrient experts said that the egg whites are great sources of branched-chain amino acids and these nutrients can be used to make your metabolism stoked according to the nutritionist. Besides that, the egg is known as a powerhouse of vitamin D and protein and both of the nutrition can be helpful to keep your body balanced and healthy. The egg can be mixed with the other ingredients so that you can consume egg whites easily.

2. Tuna

Another healthy food that speed up metabolism is tuna. Do you know tuna? Tuna is a kind of fish species which are often used as the main material for cooking. Tuna is known as a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and this kind of nutrition can be used to stimulate the leptin production. Leptin is known as a hormone which increase the fullness feeling. It means that you will stop eating sooner by this hormone. Some types of fishes, such as herring, sardines, mackerel and salmon are great sources of leptin too.

3. Grapefruits

foods that speed up metabolismAnother healthy food that speed up metabolism is grapefruits. This kind of fruits is mostly favored by most of the people. This can be found easily and you can get them in the supermarket. Did you know that grapefruits belong to the fruit that speed up metabolism? This kind of fruit is a great source of naringenin. Known as an antioxidant which will help your body controlling your levels of sugar blood, using insulin effectively, and enhancing the burn of calories.

The scientists are still learning in precise how this property can be helpful in lowering the extra pounds in your body. This food belongs to foods that speed up metabolism. You can add this type of fruits in your salad recipe or you can consume this fruit in raw.

4. Rolled oats

Another healthy food that speed up metabolism is rolled oats. Perhaps, not all of you have ever consumed this food since this food is not too popular in the countries of Asia especially in Indonesia. This type of food is a great food which boosts your metabolism. This food helps you to keep your fullness and you will not be getting angry in short period. This food gives you more energy to digest so that you will burn more calories while you are eating the whole grain. You can start making a plan of food which involves the rolled oat in your daily foods.

5. Hot Peppers

The next foods that speed up metabolism is a hot pepper. This kind of foods is used as the flavor of the foods. Hot peppers are known as a great food which boosts metabolism effectively and efficiently. The types of hot peppers, such as habaneros, jalapenos, and cayennes not only deliver great flavors, but also produce a great chemical nutrition named capsaicin. This type of veggies is so effective to burn your calorie. The spicy food, including hot peppers can enhance the metabolism up to 25 percent for 3 hours after consuming it.

6. Almonds

The last foods that speed up metabolism is almonds. This kind of food is known as natural miracle foods and you can consume this food if you want to lower your buck. Almond is known as a nutritionally dense. It means that you will have a large number of healthy calories and micronutrients even though you consume it in the small portion.