foods to avoid with gout

8 Best Foods to Avoid With Gout Sufferers

Did you know gout? Gout can be grouped as the painful joint inflammation which is caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals. Gout often attacks the big toe. But, gout can attack the knees, ankles, and hands. Gout can be caused my several things and one of the causes is the foods. There are some foods to avoid with gout sufferer. Here are the foods.

8 Foods to Avoid With Gout

1. Scallops

The first foods to avoid with gout is scallops. Have you ever eaten scallops? If you love eating scallops and you have experienced the gout. It is better for you to avoid consuming the food. If you want to eat that food, you need to cut back the consumption of the seafood during flare up. This kind of seafood is categorized as the great source of purines. When you suffer the gout, your freedom of consuming food is limited, especially consuming scallops.

2. Herring

Do you know herring? Have you ever seen herring? Herring is long fish which is silvery colored and the kind of fish usually swim in group. Herring can be grouped as the foods to avoid with gout. When you suffer the gout, you may eat most of seafood, but there are some fishes that need to avoid. The types of seafood, such as tuna, herring, and anchovies need to avoid and the seafood, like lobster, shrimp, crab, and eel are relatively safe for the people with gout.

3. Beer

foods to avoid with goutAre you beer drinker? Drinking beer can be categorized as bad habit. When you drink beer, it will increase the high risk of disease. People with gout should stop drinking beer to prevent them from flare up. Consume beer can make the bad effect for gout patient. Beer will increase the level of your uric acid. Beer presents the difficulty to cleanse the substance in your body system.

4. Red meat

Another foods to avoid is red meat. The gout sufferers may be confused because they need to limit their diet by avoiding consuming red meat. The problem does not consume the meat, but the high purines which contain in the red meat. There is a thing that you should know that all of meat is not equal. The red meat has the higher purines compared to the white meat. It does not mean that you have to avoid eating red meat at all. You can consume the meat once a while. You can choose the lamb chop rather than leg meat. The lamb chop has the lower purines.

5. Turkey

Do you like eating turkey roasted? If you like to eat the food and you are being suffered the gout, it is better for you to skip the food for a while. Turkey can be grouped as the foods to avoid with gout. Besides turkey, there is goose that needs to avoid. Turkey and goose contain high purines so that the games are not healthy for people with gout. The sufferer of gout should avoid the food intakes which are from wild animal. Wild animals tend to high purines. They can consume the duck and chicken as the alternative foods. You can cut the leg meat and consume it.

6. Sugary drinks

There are sugary drinks as foods to avoid with gout. If you like drinking the beverages with high sugary property, you need to limit drink them more over you have been suffering the gout. You have to skip the beverages which have been sweetened with high level of fructose corn syrup. When you down the sugary drinks, it will not only pack on pounds easily but also stimulate the body in producing the higher uric acid. There was a study which reported that men who drink much fructose will have the higher risk of gout. There is a study which was conducted by the women and the result is quite similar.

7. Asparagus

The next foods to avoid with gout is asparagus. According to the research, asparagus contain high purines. Besides asparagus, there are the other vegetables that have higher purines too, such as spinach, mushroom, and cauliflower. It is better for you to skip consuming those vegetables, but if you really like the vegetables, you can eat those vegetables in medium frequency. Even though those vegetables contain purines, you can still consume them a few. It does not mean that you need to avoid all vegetables. Consume vegetables are important for improving your energy and stamina. Vegetables have a function to clear the purines from your body.

8. Liver

Another foods to avoid with gout is liver. Do you like consuming liver? Liver, including beef liver, can be categorized as the great source of nutrient but not all of people like to consume it. Liver present the strong flavor and sharp taste so that you need to master more recipes to make the liver delicious and healthy to eat. Even though liver has many nutritious properties, liver need to be skipped by people with gout. The gout sufferers need to avoid or limit consuming the other organ meats, such as kidneys, liver, and sweetbreads.

What to eat and drink instead?

For the people with gout, the foods to avoid with gout above are quite miserable. They think that there is no food that can be eaten anymore. Do not worry, there are the other foods which are safe to consume. There are some foods which can help you to prevent the gout. The foods are foods with complex carbohydrates, foods with low fat dairy foods, fruits especially citrus fruits, and coffee. You need to make sure that you drink water about 12 cups up to 16 cups per day.

Make healthy foods for Gout Sufferer

Besides presenting foods to avoid with gout, there are some foods that can be eaten for people with gout. You can eat sweet potatoes, curried carrot, and ginger soup. When you consume the pureed root vegetable, you will feel comfort especially in cold winter days. These foods can warm your body. Sweet potatoes and carrots can be categorized as the foods with the low purine. You can make those foods into soup or the others.