low carb fruits and vegetables

The Facts about Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables

Low carb fruits and vegetables are very well known to be used as the low carb diet nowadays as the large base to be sold in society. These kinds of foods are recommended for losing weight, but who knows whether healthy or not for our body. To know more about this information, this article will explain to you about the facts of low carb fruits and vegetables.

Low carb fruits and vegetables in diet

Low carb fruits and vegetables are able to increase the carbohydrate. It is able to raise the blood sugar and the level of insulin in our body. So this can lead you to a weight gain. But, by decreasing the intake of carbohydrates. So, the insulin and blood sugar will lead to decrease the weight loss. The important thing is about how to find and get the vitamins and nutrition, which are important for our body without getting too much food to be consumed. Low carb diet is the answer. It is able to cut the sugar carbohydrate refined.

For those of you who want to do diet by using low carb fruits and vegetables, there are types of diet that are popular to be followed by you namely the south beach diet and the Atkins diet. These kinds of diet are so well known and many done by people in order to control their body for losing weight. For you who want to know about this, here is the explanation for you.

The South Beach Diet

low carb fruits and vegetablesThe first diet is the south beach diet that consists of three kinds of phases. It will be focused on eating the right carbs and the right fats. The first phase is by eliminating more carbs for about two weeks. It is not allowed for your body to having them. The second phase is by reintroducing some carbs that will be held until your target weight can be achieved. The third phase  is where you introduce the variety of foods.

For the downside of this diet, in the first of two weeks that require you the willpower that is caused by the body which has been used to have such kinds of extra carbohydrates. This may cause people who do this kind of diet feel so weak and less strength and even shaking due to the lack of carbs. By using the south beach diet, it will allow you to lose weight for about 8 up to 13 pounds in the first phase. In the one phase, it will be banned for having fruits and vegetables that make you lose vitamin and nutrition’s. For the second is atkinds diet as the following explanation.

The Atkins Diet

The second diet is called by the Atkins diet. It is almost similar to South beach diet that has the limitation of carbs. Unlike south beach diet, atkinds diet has four a kind of phases. All of them is requiring the certain number calculation from grams of carbohydrates. Besides, this kind of diet encourages you to eliminate sugar by consuming meat. The meat consumption will follow by eliminating vegetarians and vegans as the part of the diet. That is highly saturated the fats and cholesterol.

It is almost like for South beach diet of low carb fruits and vegetables. This atkinds diet allows you to lose weight. But, important to be noted that to do this kind of diet, your body will eliminate the nutrition’s and vitamin. This diet has the low fiber. It can lead to the deficiencies of potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

For both of diet of low carb fruits and vegetables, you will be able to lose weight. But, talking about keeping the weight is another matter. It will successful in losing weight, but considering to the healthy itself, these kinds of diet may cause you to the osteoporosis because your body is lack of vitamins and nutrition’s. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is by taking the supplements and does the balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits.