what is dumping syndrome

Dumping is one of the most symptoms that happen after gastric surgery. It can result to have part of stomach that is removed or from other parts stomach involved in the surgery. It may range from mild up to severe and often subside time by time. That is the definition what is dumping syndrome. So, if you find dumping syndrome after you have gastric surgery, you have to control your foods to prevent weight gaining. If you want to know more about it, let’s pay attention to the following discussion.

What Causes Dumping Syndrome?

After you know what dumping syndrome is, then you have to know what factors that can cause it. After you have gastric surgery, regulating movement of meals will be more difficult so that it dumps too fast into the small intestine. For example, if you are eating certain foods like sugar it can cause the higher risk of dumping syndrome. Besides that, eating dairy foods, fats, and fried foods can also cause dumping syndrome. So, you have to be more careful to choose the right and healthy foods for daily meals.

The Early Phase Symptoms of Dumping Syndrome

what is dumping syndromeCommonly, dumping syndrome happens after eating about a half or an hour then. Before it happens, there will be some symptoms. So, you need to know what dumping syndrome symptoms are. One of them is the fullness feeling after eating a small amount of foods. Besides, abdominal pain or cramp may happen to you. Then, vomiting or nausea also belongs to one of the symptoms of dumping syndrome. Other symptoms that can be recognized in often are such as rapid heartbeat, lightheadedness, flushing, and sweating too much.

The Early Phase Causes of Dumping Syndrome

We have discussed what is dumping syndrome. Now, you need to know that there are also some early phase factors that cause dumping syndrome. The factors include stretches on the small intestine. Besides that, it may also be caused by water that is pulled out from bloodstream to the small intestine. Then, it can also be caused by hormones that are released from the small intestine to bloodstream that affects blood pressure.

The Late Phase Symptoms of Dumping Syndrome

By knowing what dumping syndrome means, you also need to understand the late phase symptoms of dumping syndrome. It may usually happen around 1 – 3 hours after you eat. The symptoms include weakness or fatigue. Besides that, sweating or flushing may also be one of the symptoms. Then, the next symptom includes passing out, fainting, dizziness, or shakiness.

Mental confusion or concentration loss also belongs to the symptoms that you must know. Then, it also includes hunger feeling too much. The last symptom is rapid heartbeat. Some symptoms are similar to the early phase symptoms of dumping syndrome. That is all what is dumping syndrome. Now, you did not only understand the definition, but also the causes and symptoms both early phase and also late phase. Hopefully this will be a good reference, especially for you who have just followed gastric surgery.