what are hemorrhoids

Disease Overview: What Are Hemorrhoids

Have you heard what are hemorrhoids disease is? Hemorrhoids are the disease that caused by swollen veins into the anal canal human organ. The hemorrhoids come from the swelled veins that form of internal the disease. Most people are possible to attack the disease, even internal or external type or maybe both of them. Lifestyle can cause the disease. So, make sure you keep healthy for your body to avoid many illnesses.

The causes and treatment of each type of hemorrhoids are different. Everyone has the same risk to get this sickness. Pregnant women is one that potency to get the sickness because their baby in the stomach will be increased pressure onto the blood vessel through the pelvis. It occurs for overweight person that has high rick to suffer hemorrhoids. What are hemorrhoids symptoms, signs and treatment that you should take to heal your pain are must you know. See the description of symptoms and treatment for gain protection whether you have serious or common thought.

What Are Hemorrhoids? Symptoms and signs

There are several of what are hemorrhoids symptoms that caused it. The painless bleeding while bowel movement that you can see in the bowl or toilet tissue with bright red blood. The irritation or itching in the anal area rouses the disease causes. The pain or discomfort that may feel on your anus because the swell form can rouse the disease. Another painful condition is caused by the lump around your anus and get sensitive too. Leakage feces sometimes are the condition which influences hemorrhoids.

what are hemorrhoidsFor internal hemorrhoids that lie in the rectum rarely, you feel pain and discomfort. Some people may suffer this disease and indifferent with it because the least painful they may feel. You can get more bad risk if you get irritated or straining. That makes the delicate surface of internal the disease type damaged. It can bleed around your anus. What are hemorrhoids known of this condition is prolapsed or protruding. So, you don’t even feel the pain of this internal type, you should worry yourself to avoid more bad risks.

The external type of this disease occurs beneath the anus skin of around the area. What are hemorrhoids external type easy to itch or may bleed when irritated. The effect when the external of the disease, irritated come with high risks and dangers. It becomes a blood pool as a form of clot, inflammation and swelling. Those can be happened if the severe pain condition you suffer. When you get those conditions, you need to consult with the doctor who will give you medical treatment based on the suffering rightly.

Medical Treatments

Every disease recovery depends on the patient willingness. Hemorrhoid disease can cover by doctor or specialist. First is the medication option for common thought. If you get the mild discomfort, then you see the doctor, you will get the ointments, cream, pads or suppositories. Those medications will decrease your pain, itching feeling which has ingredients like hydrocortisone. Those product recommend for temporary usage not for frequently that may get other riskier.

Second, minimal invasive treatment for what are hemorrhoids disease’s effect is a must. The treatments are included rubber band ligation, which puts double small of rubber bands for internally hemorrhoids type to avoid the spread. The injection is effective option which your doctor will inject some chemical medication through that disease tissue for minimizing it. The last is a coagulation treatment which uses laser or infrared on internal hemorrhoids for shrivel or harden it.

The last of hemorrhoids medical treatment is the surgery process. Your doctor will refer you to take the surgical profession if you have big hemorrhoids. This process may remove the disease or stapling it. It may take a few times and need specialist. Both of them are efficient ways considering your more crucial risk of the disease that cannot be handled by two medical treatments, medication option and minimal invasive treatment.