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Proper Cooking with Smoke Points of Oils

You have to use cooking oils to serve a healthy eating with based plant rather than to use butter, animal fats and lard. Most of the oils with plant base are far lower in saturated fat, which is not good for your heart. Due to a lot of oil choices in the market, which ones will you choose for cooking? Will you choose olive oil that is rich of antioxidant sources that is useful against cancer? Or cheaper olive oils that are sufficient with your need? And how about other oils that are available in the market? The choice depends on the part you need to use in your kitchen, smoke point of oils and more.

Some Reasons to Consider Smoke Point of Oils in Cooking

Health is your priority. Canola and olive oil can be your best choice. Although olive oil has saturated fat, which is about 12 per cent, it is unrefined oil. It means the antioxidant containing in the oil is still retained. It is well extracted by using machines. This can be good news for you who are looking for the proper oil that is good for your health. You need to consider the smoke point of oils to get better and maximal benefit. The consideration will take the way how you preserve your food.

Oil choice can determine your healthy diet. There is certain composition that will react when it is heated. You don’t want to find unwanted reactions during oil heating because heating can make oils oxidize faster. The best way to cook is by using oils which are refined like canola, sunflower, and olive oil. Those are oils which you need to heat with a smoke point of oils.

You don’t need to use expensive olive oil with high quality if you will throw the oil onto your barbecue hotplate. Many flavors will go up and you will lose them. If you heat the oil too much, you will lose the unsure of antioxidants containing within the oil. You can heat it with a smoke point of oils when heating the oil.

Refined oils have a higher smoke point than others. It means that such oils are heated with a higher temperature level before beginning to burn. Heating them too much, for instance, till smoking can change chemical composition. It will be harmful for your health when digesting it or inhaling the fumes. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs is possibly formed when heating certain foods or fats like fatty meats with so high temperatures,such as stir frying, barbecuing and deep frying.

Method of Cooking with Smoke Points of Oils and Correct Oil Choice

smoke point of oils 24There is some terminology that makes sense during choosing an oil product. First, there is cold pressed. That means the oil to use is extracted mechanically from fruit with a temperature which doesn’t cause significant thermal alteration on the oil. There are no chemicals used in that process. Next, there is cholesterol free. That comes to all vegetable oils that are naturally free of cholesterol. Next, there is olive oil. That is referred to the blend of refined and virgin olive oils. Last, there is vegetable oil. That refers to vegetable oil blends like soybean and canola oil.

After knowing some about healthy oils that you should use and the importance of smoke point of oils, we will talk about them further. We will talk about the methods of cooking by using saturated fats for keeping us healthy while stopping causing us for being sick. Determine the smoke point of fats and oil in which they are essential in cooking. Smoke point means temperature in which oil or fat starts smoking. You may find a smoke point of oils or any other that shows the method of cooking you should use.

If you know smoke point in the oil like smoke point of oils when cooking your food, it becomes so simple game. Both cooking temperatures and smoke points are approximations. It relates to the tools that are used, the methods that are used in determining smoke points, the fat purity and time passed since the original pressing. All of the factors can influence the last outcome. This explains that some temperatures can be various up to 25°F. We have the list below to know the average temperatures that are mostly agreed. Keep such variance in your mind when choosing your best fat in your cooking agenda

There are average smoke points that all of them are specified based on the oil. You need to know them. They include avocado oil (520°F), peanut oil (450°F), hazelnut oil (430°F), almond oil (420°F), macadamia oil (400°F), Walnut Oil (400°F), palm oil (450° F), lard (375°F), butter (350°F), flax seed oil (225°) and extra virgin oil (375°F).

The list of the oils above shows how important to note smoke points, especially smoke point of oils. Avocado oil becomes the expensive one ($19 per liter). So we don’t often find the oil used to cooking with high temperature. The flavor is strong indeed, but some don’t prefer to use it to make fried chicken. Almond oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil, macadamia oil and sesame oil become the expensive oil. Each of them has different flavors, which are not desired in many dishes requiring high heat like sesame French fries. Such oils are used at the closing of cooking, especially for the flavors and not for the smoke points.

You have got some knowledge about proper oil to choose, the smoke point of oils including smoke point of oils and any others. We will see the application of cooking oil to use for making Indian food. One of the most significant things which will influence your Indian food flavor is the use of cooking oil. Indian food use mustard and ghee oil. Other oils which are used for serving Indian food include peanut oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil. Modern arrivals which can complete the oil choices are soybean, canola and sunflower oil.

That’s all our explanation about healthy tips to cook by considering the oil choice and the smoke points. Smoke point of oils needs to be remembered. The application is important to cook.