is canola oil bad for you

Is Canola Oil Bad for You? The Recent Hottest Issues

Canola Oil is one the most popular oil to use in daily because it is the cheapest and healthiest cooking oil that is recently available. The origin is Canada and the nation has the most annual exports from canola oil, meal and seed which are more than $3 billion. It makes the country as the place to visit to gain a direct Canola Oil. The popularity of it makes it promoted as marketed and healthy oil. There is still some question rising about it. Is canola oil bad for you? It is an interesting question because explanation comes from a question.

What the Researches Answer about is canola oil bad for you?

You may often many recommendations to use this oil but you don’t know whether it is good or bad. Is canola oil bad for you? We will answer the question whether canola is bad for you or not by explaining some facts and data about. You need to know the ingredients contained in the oil. As oil believed in health benefit it is trans fat and cholesterol free. It has the lowest saturated fat that is only 7% within whole dietary fats and it contains high Omega-3 which 11% being an important fatty acid needed. It has Omega-6 fat at 21% with moderate level and has mono saturated fat in high level 61%.

Based on some ingredient listed above, Is canola oil bad for you? There is still some fact to prove whether canola oil is bad for you or not. We will see the origin to make you recognize it further. There is a rapeseed oil that has been so popular in China and India for some centuries. It belongs to a sort of mustard plants containing harmful substances such as glucosinolates and erucic acid (around 40-50%). It is seldom to use as main food oil in the western world.

Rapeseed oil is so adaptable to any genetic manipulation. A research community from Canada started breeding a last coming variety of rapeseed plant. The new variety coming from oilseed has lower than 30 glucosinolates and 2% erucic acid. It becomes a Canadian oil or canola oil having low acid. There is still more elaboration to make it clear whether canola is bad or good for you.

is canola oil bad for youAlthough the industry producing canola has labeled it as a healthy product to use, you have to note that there are some aspects of canola oil raising much concern. Canola oil is not natural or modified food. We haven’t found any natural fat or oil having the same compositions of fatty acid as canola. People have never used the oil until a few decades ago. Canola oil is herbicide resistant and modified genetically. About 90% of those canola crops found in the America region are modified genetically so they are resistant to certain herbicides such as Bayer’s Liberty and Musanto’s Roundup Link. It means the canola crops are using toxic herbicides.

It is not only one or two facts about canola. Canola is highly refined and processed. It is contrasted to another oil type like olive oil which is cold pressed. If olive oil is produced from squashing olives, the canola oil must go with a great process. The oil is gained by solvent extraction and mechanical pressing. A hexane or petroleum solvent of toxic are often utilized for extracting the canola oil. After refining, the solvent traces still exist in the finished product. The oil is having processing in high temperature, deodorization, and refining by using steam distillation that results the substantial fatty acid destruction. Both Omega 3 and 6 fats are so vulnerable to any high heat, making them harmful and rancid to health. Some fatty acids will be transformed into trans fat.

Another fact to know is about vitamin E Depletion. Consume canola oil will cause vitamin E depletion, according to animal studies. Vitamin E is so important because it is the key factor of cardiovascular health. Lacking of vitamin E means trigger certain cardiovascular problem in your body. Canola can increase membrane rigidity, making lesions in the arteries and increases platelet cell size. It may increase heart attack, stroke risk and more. Canola contains several compounds of unique sulfur. Baked food using canola can develop molds quickly. Based on some the facts, is canola oil bad for you?

You may get a clear reason about the question is canola oil bad for you. How is about your baby? Canola oil is not entirely erucic acid void. It still includes about 1-2%. The Food and Drug Administration in the U.S ban the use of it within baby formula. It can cause a fatty deposit buildup within the heart.

As seen above, in spite of all about is canola oil bad for you or not, you have to note that there is a great deal of health issues associated with that. Canola remains as time tested, which is safe to consume by humans. If you want to know the best type of oils for cooking, they are coconut oil that is unrefined and some saturated fats coming from organic animals eating grass. The recent studies show saturated fats will not lead to heart disease. Saturated fats are not rancid. It tends to stable as vegetable oils that is made from cottonseed, corn, soybean, safflower, and sunflower.

If there is still a hesitation in your mind, is canola oil bad for you? The alternatives are olive oil and peanut oil. Olive oil can be the best addition to salads menu. It should be added only for low, moderate cooking. Peanut oil can be good when frying and cooking. It is very resistant to the rancidity. The best choice is choose organic oil from peanut because peanuts are sprayed by using herbicides.

All explanations above may give you some description whether canola is bad for consumption or not. Although there are some indications showing that canola has had genetic manipulation, causes the depletion of vitamin E, it is not proper for baby is highly refined and processed and another, there are still no studies that are long term toward the effects to human health. It can be concluded that canola is still safe to use for cooking, but it is not the best oil for that, so is canola oil bad for you?