calories in egg whites

Calories in Egg Whites: Important Information

Choose foods should be done wisely. You have to make sure that the foods you eat belong to healthy foods so that you will be healthy. You need to pay attention to the nutrients contained in the foods. One of the most popular health foods is egg white. Egg whites contain various nutrients. One of them is calories. Your body needs calories as long as it is not too much. So, how many calories in egg whites? That is what we will discuss in this article.

Calories in Egg Whites VS Whole Egg

The egg contains many calories. The egg can be divided into two parts. They are egg whites and egg yolks. Talk about the calories in egg should be more specific. People want prefer eating egg whites to whole egg because egg whites have the lower calories than whole egg. Whole egg contains 17 calories. The calories in egg whites are contained in the fat where it has 1 fat calorie. Because egg whites are low calories, it is safe to consume and good for your health.

How about whole egg? Different from egg whites, a whole egg contains greater calories. The calories contained in a whole egg are up to 78 calories. It is much greater than the calories in egg whites. It does not mean that whole egg is not good for your health. Whole egg belongs to healthy foods. Which is better between whole egg and egg whites? Consider the number of calories contained, egg whites are more recommended because it has lower calories. So, you can control your fat more easily.

Other Nutrients in Egg Whites

There are some other nutrients contained in egg whites. The greatest nutrient is protein. The egg is one of the greatest sources of protein. Egg whites contain 3.6 grams of protein. Besides protein, egg whites have sodium to 55 milligrams. It contains potassium with 53.8 milligrams and calcium with 2.3 milligrams. Other nutrients contained in egg whites are fat with 0.1 grams and sugars with 0.2 grams. That is all the nutrients in egg whites that you need to know. It shows that egg whites belong to healthy foods.

calories in egg whitesHow to Serve Egg Whites

After you know the calories contained in egg whites, you can conclude that egg whites contain low calories. You can consider eating egg whites. You can serve it with various ways to eat egg whites. If you like liquid, you can consider egg substitute. It can be in the form of frozen egg whites. It will be a good idea for you to eat cooked egg whites. The taste will be much more delicious. The calories in egg whites for all types above are same.

You can serve egg whites with different ways. Egg beaters will be a good idea to serve it. You can boil the egg whites and eat it deliciously. Scrambled egg will be a great variation to try. It will be a very delicious if you eat fried egg whites. Another good idea is to eat poached egg whites. Whatever the egg white servings, the calories in egg whites are still low so that it will not provide fat in your body.

How to Burn 17 Calories of Egg Whites

As it has been mentioned before, calories in egg whites are low with 17 calories. If you have too many calories in your body, you will be fat. Do you know how to burn 17 calories if you eat egg whites? There are many ways. You need to do exercises. The simplest exercise to burn calories is walking. You need to walk for about 4 minutes to burn 17 calories from egg whites. The speed of walking is standard, not too fast, but not too slow. You do not need to worry because you know how to burn the calories effectively.

If you want the fastest way, jogging can be a good idea. Similar to walking, jogging belongs to cardio exercise so that it is very effective to burn calories. Jogging can be done on gym equipment or outdoor. It depends on your desire. You can go jogging anytime. How long of jogging do you need to burn 17 calories? You just need to go jogging for about 2 minutes to burn 12 calories gotten from egg whites. It means that jogging is twice more effective to burn calories.

You can burn calories with more fun way that is by cycling. Cycling belongs to cardio exercises. Even though it is fun, cycling is as effective as jogging to burn calories. Calories in egg whites with 17 calories can be burned fast with only 2 minutes. So, you can go cycling freely. It becomes one of the most favorite ways to burn calories in your body gotten from your foods such as egg whites.

The best way of burning calories is swimming. Swimming belongs to cardio and aerobic exercises. It becomes one of the most popular and favorite hobbies. Swimming is very fun and exciting. Swimming is the fastest way to burn calories because you just need to go swimming for about a minute to burn 17 calories in your body. You do not need to worry about the calories in egg whites.

The Calories in Substituted Egg Whites

Egg whites can be eaten with various recipes. Not all recipes can be applied to egg whites. Egg whites are substituted with whole egg. The calories in substituting egg whites are higher with about 34 calories. That is all about calories in egg whites that you need to know. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you to find the best healthy food for you.