what is borderline personality disorder

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder? How to Understand People with BPD

The technology and era are developing, so human’s problems are developing too. It is common to hear Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD as one of human’s psychological disorder. People often depict BPD into the following situation. Someone is standing on the shifting sands. He loses his balance. The ground is changing constantly. He becomes defensive and scared. That’s how people depict the question of what is borderline personality disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

There are already some people who suffer borderline personality disorder because of varied background of life. BPD is the disorder that is suffered mostly to the female population rather than men. This disorder is not clearly can be seen in the person, but there are some characteristics that can be the sign of it. This disorder doesn’t come alone with the person, but with some factors behind it. There are already many people who suffer it, mostly in America. But they don’t aware that they already suffer this disorder.

BPD definition can be described simply as the disorder that is conditioned by chaotic relationships, a drastic change of mood, and impulsive actions. These are included as borderline personality disorder symptoms. There are still other BPD symptoms than what is included in the definition itself. But, it is needed to know more about each symptom related to BPD that will be described below.

1. Drastic Change of Mood

People who suffer BPD have a drastic change of mood. The sufferer can see one person in a positive way, but this view can change quickly into negative. The sufferer experiences the change of mood quickly at the time. So, the sufferer can be happy at the time, but he can suddenly be sad for no reason. The sufferer suffers the emptiness of feeling in a long time, as included in BPD symptoms.

what is borderline personality disorder2. Depression that Stays Longer in Mind

People suffer BPD as a result of a sense of depression. Depression grew from a variety of causes. The problem may arise from the person’s life history as a child, or even as an adult. It’s not impossible when the problem of childhood remains layover and even changes the mindset of the patient. The problem would not be enveloped in the mind of the sufferer until he started growing up. The problem finally determines the person’s mindset to view the world. Prolonged depression is one of the BPD symptoms that trigger the development of other symptoms.

3. The View of The World is changed

Comes from the depression, the sufferer will see this world as a world in darkness and violent. This view creates the insecurity. The view of the patient about the bad world gives great influence on their own lives. Bad world makes people feel that their lives are always in danger. The patient will automatically have a trust issue to protect himself. This feeling makes the patient has problems of its own relationships with family, closest friends, and coworkers. This issue is engaged in chaotic relationships, as previously mentioned in BPD symptoms above.

4. Impulsive Actions

BPD sufferers often try to hurt themselves, even suicide. This action comes from the depression that continued to plague their minds. Depression has changed the mindset impressed into the bad things that affect their hearts content. As a result, they think that they preferred to follow their hearts at that time.

5. Unstable Relationships

This unstable situation certainly disrupts many social relationships that would harm the person’s condition. Not only social relations with family, friends, and colleagues, but also affects the quality of work. They couldn’t stand longer at work because of the unstable state that comes from them. It would be better if the people who experienced borderline personality disorder symptoms can be addressed with appropriate treatment, according to a history of depression cause sufferers.

borderline personality disorder symptomsEverything that people with BPD symptoms own becomes unstable. Their moods, thoughts, relationship, behavior or even their identity becomes unstable. They live in suffer, pain, and such a terror. People with BPD will feel that they are riding a roller coaster. Everything swings rapidly. Their identity, things that they like and dislike, goal and life purpose. The others are possible to change very often. It is very confusing for them.

People with the symptoms of BPD can be sensitive in extreme rate. They can feel like an exposed nerve ending. They can do such intense reaction because of small matters. It will take such a hard time to calm their selves down once they are angry. From these symptoms, we will be able to tell how this psychological illness can lead into impulsive and reckless behavior and relationship turmoil. People with BPD relationships get into these overwhelming emotions. They can hardly stay grounded and think straightly. They can do such a dangerous action and say hurtful words or doing something inappropriate. Then, they can get ashamed and guilty. This illness is curable as there are some treatments to control people’s action, thoughts and feeling.

Early adolescence and childhood are the phase where people tend to have hostility, rapid mood shift, and impulsivity. It is very normal for them as it will disappear as they grow mature. People with the symptoms this disorder tend to have impulsivity, hostility and rapid mood shift more intensively within adolescence to adulthood. During the early phase of adulthood, people with BPD relationships tend to have a high rate of intense anger and changeable mood. As they grow to their 30’s and 40’s, most of them can adequate skills of coping and develop emotional stability.

Differences between BPD and Bipolar I Disorder

Even though BPD symptoms are pretty similar with Bipolar I Disorder, there are some different qualities between these two psychological illnesses. People with Bipolar I Disorder tend to have mood swing longer than people with BPD. People with the symptoms are not to show the prolonged episodes of hyperactivity, reckless over involvement, grandiosity, need for sleep and pressured speech that become the Bipolar I Disorder’s common characteristic.

BPD Features

They have some core features that include negative emotions (anxiety, depression, emotional liability, suicidal behavior, etc.), antagonism like hostility and disinhibition like risk taking and impulsivity. If people with borderline personality disorder symptoms are in severe illness, they tend to do self- harm and suicide attempts repeatedly and in impulsive rate. It can be diagnosed if there are some certain conditions. This case starts no farther ahead than the early adulthood. The place where these behaviors occur are work, home and community. Significant impairment or distress in occupational or social becomes the consequence of these behaviors.

BPD Treatments

People with the symptoms of BPD can undergo psychotherapy to cure and overcome the problem. Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT is a borderline personality disorder treatment which is much recommended to decrease self harm and inappropriate anger. The general functioning can be improved. People with BPD can consume some recommended medicine from the psychiatric to lessen the pain.

Borderline Personality Disorder Relationship: How Do We Deal With It?

borderline personality disorder relationshipsPeople often wonder, borderline personality disorder relationship. They understand that is a mental illness. It can cause impulsive behaviors, self worth problems and intense mood swings. People with BPD tend to have a troublesome relationship in each of their personal lives. This mental illness is shown by the signs that appear in their childhood. The problems are caused in the earlier phase of adulthood. It is hard to treat this illness as the behavioral and emotional problems are difficult to improve. People with BPD who undergo some treatments can get better.

There are some facts that people should know about borderline personality disorder relationship. Both men and women can get affected by this mental illness. There are some other antisocial personality disorder can co-occur with this mental illness. There is a men’s substance abuse problem, women’s eating disorders and anxiety. Some experts agree that this mental illness is a combination of ways of thinking, social stresses and biological vulnerabilities. The practitioners cannot do any definitive test such as a blood test to detect this mental illness. They can conduct an interview a mental health interview to diagnose the symptoms. They explore the medical history and emotional problem that may relate to the BDP symptoms.

BPD Causes and Factors

The cause of borderline personality disorder relationship is not specified, like the common mental disorders. Some experts assume that it is caused that there are some chemicals in the brain which helps with mood controlling. Childhood trauma can be included in the cause of what is borderline personality disorder. Childhood trauma includes the death of a parent or family, neglect, or abuse. The risk of this mental illness is higher if people with BPD cannot control their stress or anxiety.

There are some factors that may influence this mental disorder. Adults from a broken home (family with death occurrence, divorce, sexual abuse, neglect, etc.) are at higher peril of developing BPD. The developing risk of this disorder for children can increase when children are troubled to certain temperaments and learning problems. Alcoholic youngsters have higher risk. BDP relationship can be prevented through some ways. As To detect this mental illness treatment, child abuse, family substance abuse, and domestic violence can be prevented. So this mental illness can be prevented too. The occurrence can be decreased as well.

BPD Symptoms

As BPD is a mental illness, the BDP symptoms are not physically such as cold, cough, etc. You can tell the symptoms from the behaviors and emotions. People with borderline personality disorder relationship with severe rank tend to repeat the symptoms in such a long time. The common symptoms are mood swings and intense emotions, impulsive behaviors that may be harmful, low self worth. People with BDP trouble in their life relationship. They are very afraid of being abandoned and they are aggressive. They feel empty in their inner side. Then, they often think of attempting suicide or any other form of self harming.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment to Do At the Hospital and At Home

BDP comes from the depression of bad parenting in childhood or abusive behavior. There are two kinds of treatments that can be done for the sufferer. One type of BDP treatment can be done at home if the partner at home can control and treat the sufferer as well. Another treatment must be done using the help of psychiatrist to get the right treatment. The treatment from psychiatrist can be done in the hospital or at home, depends on the situation of the sufferer. Both of the treatment need great patience and calm to treat the sufferer as well.

Treatments and Therapy for BPD

borderline personality disorder treatmentPsychological therapy and support is the perfect combination that becomes the most effective treatment for people with BDP relationship. The therapies include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT and Interpersonal Psychotherapy. People with BPD will learn the emotional handling way with DBT. They learn about the typical way to respond people and situation. Medication can be a helpful treatment for BPD with anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

People in BDP relationship should join community support programs. By joining these programs, people with BPD can find the suitable training, work, accommodation, psychosocial rehabilitation, mutual support groups and education. Friends and family of people with BPD should get some education about what is borderline personality disorder. They can overcome the problem caused as they support people with BPD. People with BPD can have a full, productive, and meaningful live.

BPD Treatment At Home

If the person who suffers BDP is good enough to stay at home, it is possible to do the treatment at home. The key to have the treatment at home has patience and calm. A person with BDP has a enough judgmental opinion from people outside. It is even possible that he created own judgmental opinion from his heart. Try to get close to the person without judgmental words. It is better to use validating words to avoid the person to understanding the words.

The second point that is important to do borderline personality disorder treatment is strengthening the relationship with the sufferer. BDP relationships are one issue that influences the life of the sufferer. It matters a lot to the person. He is afraid of losing someone of his life. The sufferer has the anxiety of losing someone even though a person has said something that comforts him before. They think that losing someone can happen at anytime based on many reasons. Try to build the word of trust in the relationship, so the sufferer can understand that he is not going to lose someone.

The third important point of borderline personality disorder treatment at home behaves well. Make sure to behave well anywhere, so the sufferer may imitate the way of the good life. The sufferer may see someone he closes as the model of the way to interact with people in life. The sufferer can imitate the way to interact with people around him in expecting to have the same response from people.

BPD Treatment at Hospital

The person may need better BPD treatment in the hospital if the impulsive actions are often done lately. The psychiatrist knows well how to treat them when the actions are no more controlled. It is even possible that the psychiatrist suggests letting the person stays in the hospital for several days until he feels better. The sufferer needs to sign the contract for not going to do suicide during the treatment. It can reduce the possibility of dangerous impulsive actions that can be done during BDP treatment.

The person can have the tablets of antidepressant and anxiolytics during the BDP treatment. But, it depends on how severe is the person. These tablets can help the sufferer to calm down the thought and anxiety. So the sufferer can stable the mood.

Psychotherapy is the therapy that is used for BDP treatment. The sufferer can learn stable the mood. The sufferer needs to learn about the responsibility of his life. It is purposed to make the sufferer feel supported. If they need help, they can seek some supports. The psychotherapy lets the sufferer learns about the new way to see him better. When it is done well, the next step will be to learn better about viewing the world. It can reduce the insecurity that stays in mind.