borderline personality disorder definition

Borderline Personality Disorder Definition, Causes, Treatment, Preventions

Mental disorder is one of the most difficult treated diseases because it relates to your own mental. There are many kinds of mental disorder. There are many cases that people have a serious mental disorder. It brings to stress or even mad. One of the most popular mental disorders is borderline personality disorder. What is borderline personality disorder definition? It is a condition where you have an imbalance in your mental that affects your relationships, emotions, etc. If you want to know more about it, you need to follow this discussion below.

The Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder

After you know borderline personality disorder definition, you need to know the factors that cause this mental disorder. There are some causes that are possible. The first is related to genetic factors. This is the natural personality and difficult to change. It may be caused by the environment. Environmental factors have an important role in affecting this mental disorder. It depends on the people around you, including your families and friends. Brain abnormalities caused by trauma, depression, stress, etc. can affect this mental problem.

The Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

You need to know borderline personality disorder symptoms. This mental disorder is signed with intense emotion because you have mood swings. You feel angry quickly and you are very patient or other emotions. People with this mental disorder often do harmful and impulsive behaviors. People who have this mental disorder often alcohol, sexual party, reckless driving, binge eating, and substance abuse.

The next sign of borderline personality disorder can be seen from the relationship with other people. People with this mental disorder can change their views, whether other people are good or bad. It makes them difficult to keep their relationships. Low self worth can be considered as one of the symptoms of this mental disorder. Borderline personality disorder has a sign where you are afraid of being left. This makes you reject other people before you are rejected by them. If you have this mental problem, you may have aggressive behavior. This aggressive behavior makes the people around you not feel comfortable.

borderline personality disorder definitionThis borderline personality disorder has various levels. The symptoms are various. If this mental problem is in a serious condition, you need to know the following borderline personality disorder definition according to the symptoms. People with serious borderline personality disorder often feel empty inside. It is very dangerous because with empty inside mind, you can do anything without any consideration and out of your awareness. If you have this serious mental disorder, you will feel angry suddenly. The anger may be greater that the common angers. It can lead to violence.

There are some other borderline personality disorder signs that are common to see, especially with serious conditions. This mental disorder leads you to do something irrational such as to hurt yourself. You suddenly cut your fingers or burn your body because feel depressed or stressed. Some cases of serious borderline personality disorder show that people with this mental disorder often feel paranoid. The worst symptom of this mental problem is suicide. There are many people with this mental disorder who die by suicide.

The Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder

You have to treat borderline personality disorder so that your mental will be better again. There are many ways how to treat it. This mental disorder can be treated with three different ways or methods. The first method is therapy. Therapy treatment can be applied by visiting a counselor. You have to find the professional counselor. They can help you to control your mental and emotion. It may take a long time, but this way will be very helpful.

You can consider medicine. You need to consume drugs. It should be based on the doctor’s prescription. There are many recommended medicines for people with borderline personality mental disorder. For examples, are antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants. When you consult with your counselor, you are advised to consume those medicines. The combination between therapy and medicines will be much more effective to treat your mental disorder. After you understand the borderline personality disorder definition above, you should try this treatment.

This mental disorder is caused by some bad habits such as drinking alcohol, sexual party, etc. You have to stop those bad habits. It is not easy, but you can reduce it gradually. With less frequency, you may have can stop your bad habits slowly. It is not only useful to treat your mental disorder because it can improve your health and reduce the risk of some diseases.

The Preventions of Borderline Personality Disorder

That it is a condition where there is an imbalance in your emotional and metal, you have to keep away from this condition. If you are a temperamental person, you need to have more friendships. You can gather with them and learn how to understand other people. You need to have refreshments. Get stressed about working may lead you to this mental disorder.

You can prevent yourself from this mentally problem by staying busy. You should do interesting and exciting activities such as doing your hobbies, watching entertainments, etc. Do exercise regularly reduces the risk of this mental disorder. That is all about the borderline personality disorder definition. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you all to control your own mental and emotion.