what is an astigmatism

What Is An Astigmatism: Some Matters Of The Disease

What is an astigmatism? It is one of the common questions from the people because they do not know the details of it. According to the expert, astigmatism is one of the problems occurring in the eyes of the people. When the problem attacks the people, they will have the blurred vision, which will disturb them in doing their activities. We will talk about some matters of the astigmatism disease to make you know the details of it. Please read this article wholly.

What Is An Astigmatism – The types and the causes

When we are trying to answer what is an astigmatism, it is important for us to know some details of the type and the cause of this disease. The experts say that there are two types of the astigmatism, which are called as the corneal astigmatism and the lenticular astigmatism. The kind of the astigmatism has the different causes. By knowing the causes of the disease, we will have a better chance to find the best treatment to throw the disease away.

For the first matter, we will talk about the corneal astigmatism. The corneal astigmatism is the type of the problem occurring in the cornea. The experts mention that this problem is caused by the abnormal size of the cornea. The cornea is one of the clear layer of tissue. It covers the front of the eye. The cornea needs to have the perfect curve to help you with your vision. As it is mentioned in what is an astigmatism, the cornea has no power to curve perfectly.

The second kind is the lenticular astigmatism. It is the other kind of the disease. When the cornea is close with the use of the cornea, the lenticular problem is close with the use of lens of eye. The expert says that the cause of the lenticular astigmatism disease is the disability of the lens of the eye to be flexible. We realize that the lens should adjust to the amount of light. This disease block the light and the victim will have the blurred vision.

The symptoms of the disease

what is an astigmatismAfter knowing the kinds of the causes and type of astigmatism, it is important for you to know the symptoms of it. There are several symptoms, which you need to know. The expert says that by knowing the symptom, you can have more chance to treat the problem quickly. You will have a chance to determine the kinds of the astigmatism.

As I have said before, the astigmatism is closely with the blurred vision. The first symptom of it is the blurry, distorted or fuzzy vision. This problem may occur at all distances. The expert says that the victims of the astigmatism will have difficulties in seeing an object in the night. The cause of the symptom of astigmatism disease is the abnormal condition of the organ of the eyes.

The other symptom of the astigmatism is headache. The difficulties of seeing will force your eyes to have heavier work when you want to see something. You will try to be more focus, but you cannot. The expert mentions that when this happen in several times, it can cause the headache and it will disturb the concentration. When you face some symptoms, it will be nice for you to call the doctor soon.

Kinds of astigmatism treatment

For the last point in answering what is an astigmatism, we will talk about the treatment of the disease. Know the kinds of the treatment is important to prepare yourself when you need to face it. There are some kinds of the treatments, with the different way to treat you. The kinds of the treatment will help you to throw the disease away. What are the treatments of the astigmatism? You can see some of it below.

Consider the kinds of the treatment of astigmatism, the correlative lens becomes the first treatment. We all know that the astigmatism is close to the problem of the lens. By treating the problem of lens, you will have a chance to get back your normal vision. The second kind of the treatment is Orthokeratology (Ortho-K). It is one of the certain treatment for astigmatism. The specialist will ask you to wear the rigid contact lens. It is the method to normalize the condition of your lens.

Another kind of the treatment, as the recommendation of the expert is surgery. The surgery will be held when you have the several cases of it. It means that the experts will try to treat the astigmatism with the other way before applying the surgery. There are several kinds of the surgery. The kinds of surgery are LASIK, PRK, and RK. Each surgery has its risk, so you need to have consulted before applying it.

After knowing some details about it, I think it is nice when you do the kinds of prevention way. Although the expert says that the gene has a role in the cause of the astigmatism, the prevention way will keep the bad risk away from you. The kinds of prevention way in astigmatism are consuming the high prevention way, reduce watching the lightened things, and others. If it is needed, you may have the regular checkup. I hope the explanation will be useful for you.