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Acid reflux is kind of disease that may always be experienced by people. Acid reflux symptom is condition heartburn after eating. There is a valve in the stomach. A ring of muscle that is called LOS or (lower esophageal sphincter). LOS will close after people eating and the food passes, when LOS does not close and it opens too much often. This can cause the acid that is produced by the stomach moving up to esophagus. This phenomenon can cause the acid reflux. If this symptom often happens about two times a week. It can lead to GORD or gastro esophageal reflux disease.

Acid reflux disease is happen cause of the abnormally of the stomach that is called as hiatus hernia. This occurs if the upper part of the LOS and stomach are moving on the upper part of diaphragm. Diaphragm is a muscle, separation of the muscle and chest. Diaphragm has the function to help keeping acid in the stomach. But for those of you who have the hiatus hernia, it can move to esophagus causing acid reflux symptom.

It is important for you to be careful with acid reflux. People like to eat in the large portion. After eating, they will feel sleepy that makes they like lying down, but this is a bad habit that can lead to acid reflux. Overweight can cause obese. It can be the risk thing for acid reflux.

The other factors leading to acid reflux are such as eating heavy meals, eating snack before going to bed. Eating any kinds of foods can cause the acid reflux such as citrus, tomato, mint, chocolate, garlic, and spicy and fatty food. You have to avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and tea. Smoking and taking some medicine can be the risks for you. Below are articles about acid reflux category: