borderline personality disorder natural treatment

9 Borderline Personality Disorder Natural Treatment Tips

One of the most common personality disorders is borderline disorder. It happens to those who are teens or adults. It will continue for years and even until you get old. You do not want to have this disorder for all your life. You have to treat is as soon as possible. Going to a doctor or psychiatry is the solution. He or she will give you some drugs or advices you to take some medications. You can consider the safer choice that is a natural treatment. This article will give you the tips on borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

Borderline Personality Disorder Natural Treatment

1. Light Therapy

One of the best ways to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD) is by light therapy. Light therapy is a kind of therapy that functions to treat some diseases, especially disorders or other health problems. This therapy is applied using a light box where your eyes will be exposed by the light box. It will not only able to treat this disease but also other diseases such as insomnia, headaches, eye strains, etc.

2. Regular Sleep

Sleeping is the most important result. You need to sleep every day regularly. The most common times you sleep are in the afternoon for taking a nap and in the night. Everyone knows that we need to have enough sleep. The most ideal duration is about 7 to 8 hours a day. It does not only relate to the duration. It is related to when you sleep. If you cannot sleep overnight, you need to change your habits so that you have regular sleep.

3. Ketogenic Diet

Diet can be one of the best ways for borderline personality disorder natural remedy. There are many kinds of diet and Ketogenic diet is the most appropriate diet for this disease. This kind of diet purposes for epilepsy treatment on children. There is a research which shows that it will be effective for borderline personality disorder natural treatment. So, you can consider applying this kind of diet.

borderline personality disorder natural treatment4. Exercises

You can consider doing exercises to treat borderline personality disorder. Exercises have many benefits for treating some diseases, including this personality disorder. You have to choose the exercises wisely. You cannot do exercises that make you more stressed. Find the best exercises that can improve your immune system, increase your mood, and make you more relaxed. Yoga can be the best idea to make your mind and feeling fresh. You can go jogging in the morning when the air is still fresh.

5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Take some nutrients can be a good idea. Omega 3 fatty acids can be used to BPD natural remedy. Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the most useful nutrients. It is needed to treat many diseases, including BPD. It functions to stabilize your mind and feeling. There are many drugs or medications that contain this supplement. You can get omega 3 fatty acids easily from some foods such as soybeans, walnuts, and salmon. It belongs to the most recommended ideas for borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

6. Amino Acids

Amino acids can be useful to treat borderline personality disorder. This nutrient or supplement functions to reduce bipolar disorder as well as depression. When you find yourself getting the symptoms of this personality disorder, you need to get amino acids as soon as possible to prevent the worse condition. Hydroxytryptophan is one of the amino acids that you should consume. Besides that, you can consider taking S adenosyl L methionine. It will not only reduce depression, but also increase mood. It belongs to the best tips for borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

7. Chamomile

The next idea for BPD herbal remedy is chamomile. It is a kind of plant that is very useful for your health. Some people say that it belongs to tea. There are many benefits offered by this herbal plant. It will be able to make you calm. If you drink or consume it regularly, it will your feeling and mind will be fresher. It will be able to heal borderline personality disorder. So, considering the benefits, you need to consider this borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

8. St. John’s Wort

If you consider taking supplements to treat your borderline personality disorder, St. John’s Wort can be a good option. It is well known as a supplement that functions to heal mood disorder. It will be helpful for treatment of headache or other illnesses. You need to know the right prescription to take this supplement so that you are not overdosing or take the wrong prescription. It will be better for you to consult with your doctor about borderline personality disorder treatment with St. John’s Wort.

9. Life Quality

The last tip for borderline personality treatment with natural method is related to your own life quality. People who live in a disorder environment, too busy, or lack of love will have the higher risk of borderline personality disorder. You need to pay attention to your life quality so that you will have better life quality. You need to gather with your family, have a vacation, have loved, and any other factor that can improve your life quality. This borderline personality disorder natural treatment is very important for you.

Go to Psychiatrist

The most important is through psychotherapy. Psychotherapy intends to train people to analyze their own feelings. So, you need to go to your psychiatrist.

That is all about the tips that can help you to get natural treatment for borderline personality disorder. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for you who have this disorder. So, you can consider following these tips on borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

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