Types of Depressive Disorders and Cures That Fits Them

Depression may seem to be something that people don’t really care about. Depression that comes to someone is not something that can be underestimated. So, depression is not only one kind that comes to someone because of the problem. There are types of depressive disorders that exist. One person that suffers depression doesn’t always having the same depression with others. Types of depression depend on the root of the problem that someone is having right now. Without knowing about the depressive disorders types, the cure to decrease or even remove it will not be clear.

Types of Disorders, Depressive People Aren’t the Same

Suffering the depression in longer time is not good. But, this thing has indeed happened to people. People who are having this kind of depression are having a problem that causes low self esteem. Passion or places that can be the favorite thing for the person can turn into nightmare. It makes the person will not do it again. It can be known by how often the person was doing the passion at the time before the problem comes, and then it is suddenly changed.

The person may do the exact passion, or even the person can leave the passion because no more interest. This melancholic feeling that will not leave the person’s mind is always haunting him. It comes from the past feeling or the problem itself. As the cause of the melancholic thought, the guilt comes that makes the person has lots of mistakes and regrets. This is one of types of depressive disorders that are called Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

There are people who are having the same kind of depression as said above. This long lasting depression has the same symptoms that happen with Major Depressive Disorder. But, this kind of depression caused by the problem that is having less serious matter compared with MDD. The cure of this depressive disorder may be quicker. There is the chance that people who suffer this type as one of the types of depressive disorders called as a Dysthymic disorder can turn to have Major Depressive Disorder because the symptoms that goes worst.

Bipolar disorder is the next disorder that is included of types of depressive disorders. People who are experiencing bipolar disorder having the fast changing expression at the time. The person may right now, be really sad, but at the next minute, the feeling can quickly change into happiness. The fast changing feeling can happen from the cause of having higher energy. The episodic feeling comes suddenly and sometimes the cause of the feeling is unknown. People who are suffering bipolar disorder are not always caused by the stress of having a problem, but it can be from the mistake of brain signal.

types of depressive disordersIf you ever heard about a woman that can turn herself into having really sensitive heart before having menstruation, it is true. There are women who are suffering this kind of types of depressive disorders. The psychology part of the woman is participating in determining the feeling of the woman right now. The woman can feel anger, easily offended, sadness, tired, etc. This kind of depressive disorder called as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). It happens in 2 weeks before the period comes.

Other types of depressive disorders that can come to the woman beside of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder are Postpartum Depressive Disorder or it can be said as Postnatal Depressive Disorder. As the name itself, postnatal, the depression comes to the woman after she gives a birth. The tiredness of having a baby causes the woman to have sorrow, insomnia, bad temper, and anxiety. The experience of the woman who has to suit herself with the new schedule of having babies that needs more time to care creates the mixed feeling of depression. But, this depressive disorder does not happen to all women.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the next of types of depressive disorders. The depression that comes seasonally makes the people who suffer are not always have the feeling all the time, but it can come in each year. As the season comes, the person may have the melancholic feeling that change them to be unhappy person. The season that affects to the people depends on the experience. It can be the winter, autumn, hot season, or even wet season. People need to adapt themselves, even though they have this kind of depression because they can’t be sad all day as the season takes 25% dates of the year, or even half year for those countries who are having 2 seasons.

The Symptoms and Cures for Types of Depressive Disorders

The symptoms of these disorders are almost the same. Sadness is the main symptom that comes from the depression. A kind of sadness can be different, depends on the types of depressive disorders. Major Depressive Disorder is caused by the important matter that caused the people to think a lot about it. Seasonal affective disorder is caused by the problem or the flashback feeling that reminds the person at the time it happened.¬†As the cause of sadness that comes from the problem, it creates a feeling of guilt and fear. The guilty feeling comes because of the person who feels like he or she is the main reason of the problem itself. Fear follows the guilt as the result of the ability that can’t solve the problem, or the problem will not end.

Those guilty and fear causes the person in hopelessness. The hopelessness causes the person to no more having hope of resolving the problem. Know that the problem will exist longer, the person may lose the appetite. The loss of appetite is what makes the person decreased the energy. It makes the person want to sleep all day because the feeling of no more knowing that the problem exists. It can turn someone to have insomnia that makes the person can’t sleep all the night. These symptoms make the person loses the weight. Losing weight can influence the self esteem of the person itself. These symptoms do not always happen to all types of depressive disorders because it depends on the core of the problem itself.

For the cure of these types of depressive disorders, there are two kinds that can be done that are therapy and medicine. Therapy is done by the professional to the patient to help them solving the problem slowly. The therapy that is done depends on the kinds of depressive disorders that are suffered by the patients.

There is the tablet form of antidepressant medications that can be applied for types of depressive disorders. People who are suffering depression can take this medication for depressive disorders. It is proved that this tablet can calm down the work of the brain. But, consuming anti depressant tablet is not good because it makes the people who consume this become dependable to the tablet. People can take the tablet at any time they feel depressed, no matter how light the problem is.

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