Types, Diagnosis, and Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Did you know cerebral palsy? Some experts said that cerebral palsy is not a disease, but it is kind of disorder condition. This condition relates to disorder, hearing, vision disorder, and disorder sensation. The causes of cerebral palsy are disorder muscle coordination and movement. Cerebral palsy name comprises of two words, cerebral which has the meaning relating to the brain and palsy which means problem of body movement. Before we discuss about the cerebral palsy causes, it needs to know the deep information about cerebral palsy.

The common causes of cerebral palsy are disorder movement of muscles in the brain. It is not a single trigger because this condition isn’t the single problem. But it is a complex condition in which all types of cell brain need to be repaired. About more than 85 % of cerebral palsy cases have led to injury in the brain during the prenatal period. The cerebral palsy cause is dangerous for the cells of the brain, which manage the muscles movement. The people who suffer the cerebral palsy have the mild to severe disabilities especially in the physical. Read more