Borderline Personality Disorder Definition, Causes, Treatment, Preventions

Mental disorder is one of the most difficult treated diseases because it relates to your own mental. There are many kinds of mental disorder. There are many cases that people have a serious mental disorder. It brings to stress or even mad. One of the most popular mental disorders is borderline personality disorder. What is borderline personality disorder definition? It is a condition where you have an imbalance in your mental that affects your relationships, emotions, etc. If you want to know more about it, you need to follow this discussion below.

The Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder

After you know borderline personality disorder definition, you need to know the factors that cause this mental disorder. There are some causes that are possible. The first is related to genetic factors. This is the natural personality and difficult to change. It may be caused by the environment. Environmental factors have an important role in affecting this mental disorder. It depends on the people around you, including your families and friends. Brain abnormalities caused by trauma, depression, stress, etc. can affect this mental problem. Read more

The Description of What Is Depression

There are various articles that discuss about what is depression. This becomes the hottest topic since there are lots people undergo with the depression today. Depression is defined as the state of the low aversion and mood to the activities which can affect the thought, feelings, behavior, and physical well being of a particular person. Below are several explanations in more detail about depression basically.

Things to know about what is depression

What is depression will show you that depression can make you lose the interest in the activity. It is pleasurable to do. You can be changed to the appetite. You probably over eat or loss of appetite. People who get depression will get insomnia or the excessive sleeping. They will loss of energy as well as unexplained pains and aches. The sufferers of depression can do suicide or contemplation of the self harm. You have to realize that depression is a kind of medical condition. Read more