Is Canola Oil Bad for You? The Recent Hottest Issues

Canola Oil is one the most popular oil to use in daily because it is the cheapest and healthiest cooking oil that is recently available. The origin is Canada and the nation has the most annual exports from canola oil, meal and seed which are more than $3 billion. It makes the country as the place to visit to gain a direct Canola Oil. The popularity of it makes it promoted as marketed and healthy oil. There is still some question rising about it. Is canola oil bad for you? It is an interesting question because explanation comes from a question.

What the Researches Answer about is canola oil bad for you?

You may often many recommendations to use this oil but you don’t know whether it is good or bad. Is canola oil bad for you? We will answer the question whether canola is bad for you or not by explaining some facts and data about. You need to know the ingredients contained in the oil. As oil believed in health benefit it is trans fat and cholesterol free. It has the lowest saturated fat that is only 7% within whole dietary fats and it contains high Omega-3 which 11% being an important fatty acid needed. It has Omega-6 fat at 21% with moderate level and has mono saturated fat in high level 61%. Read more

Is Sucralose Bad for You?

When you eat foods or drink beverages, you avoid the foods or beverages with high sugar. Sugar can cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or other health problems. Foods and beverages will not be that delicious without sugar. Sugar is starting to leave because there is what is called splenda or sucralose. It is a kind of sugar substitute so that foods and beverages will be sweet without sugar. Is this safe? Or is sucralose bad for you? That is what we will discuss in this article. Read more