Symptoms and Treatment for Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where there is the inflammation in the thyroid gland that kills the cells therein. The cause of this condition is the capability in providing the sufficient hormones to maintain it well. There are many kinds of symptoms and treatments of hypothyroidism and losing weight with hypothyroidism. That will be explained more in this article for you.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

Before we know more about losing weight with hypothyroidism, it is important for you to know about what are the symptoms of hypothyroidism. There are many kinds of symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as weakness, fatigue, depression, dry skin, hair loss, abnormal menstruation cycle, irritability, gaining weight, difficulty in losing weight and many others. But every person usually has these kinds of symptoms. The others may experience only some symptoms, according to the patient condition. The most often symptoms happen is gaining weight and cannot lose weight due to hypothyroidism. Read more

Can Hemorrhoids Cause Constipation?

Can hemorrhoids cause constipation? This question may be needed a wise answer because there are many people that are upset and confused about the truth of this question. But you do not need to worry. It will be provided to you about this problem in this article, especially for those of you who often experience constipation.

Consuming fiber too fast

To know more about can hemorrhoids cause constipation, for people that often experience constipation, they will prevent this by consuming fiber and drinking more water. Consuming fiber and water will help you to cure from hemorrhoids. But many people get it in the wrong way. They intently in increasing to consume too much fiber and too fast. This can cause you for getting constipated and as the result your hemorrhoids becomes even worst. If you really need to consume fiber, it is recommended for you to do it slowly. You can drink the water by making them into prune juice, cranberry juice and many others. But, do it slowly and time by time. It will be able to increase your fiber intake with any kinds of natural fiber foods. Read more

Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Your Healthier Life

The healthy food will give you many benefits. One of good food that can be a good thing for you is the Greek yogurt. It is the popular yogurt in the United State because it has many benefits and it has the differences with the regular yogurt. You can choose the Greek yogurt for your health. Health benefits of Greek yogurt are more than the regular yogurt. After you know about the benefit, you may want to consume the Greek yogurt regularly. Read more

The Benefit and Features of Greek Yogurt Vs Yogurt

There are the different features of the Greek yogurt vs yogurt that you need to know. For the first thing, you can find many benefits from the Greek yogurt. It can be the healthy drink or food that will give you good effect. The Greek yogurt is a good thing and very popular in the United State. It has the different and unique taste than the common yogurt. You can see the different form the taste, texture, and about the appearance. It can be the healthy daily food that will give you some benefit. Read more

Topamax for Weight Loss

Do you know Topamax? Perhaps, you have no idea or information on the medication. Topamax, also known with Topiramate is an anticonvulsant drug, which is mainly taken for the epilepsy treatment. This type of medication can be used to prevent migraine and weight loss. This medication is used for helping the people who suffer bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. However, there is no exact evidence about that. I would like to deliver the short explanation about the usage of Topamax for weight loss.

Weight Loss and Topamax

Some of people claim that this type of medication has the function to help the people to lose their weight. Without involving how this type of medication works, it is known that Topamax for weight loss claimed is effective. Even though most of people were able to reduce their extra pounds, it is because of their treatments not just taking Topamax for reducing weight. It is no effect to take Topamax as the single drug for weight loss. When you want to rely on the medication to reduce your weight, you can take ‘Qsyma’ which is known as a formula which is specifically for weight loss. Read more

Various Antidepressants That Cause Weight Loss – Health Tips

When people are stressful, they may use antidepressants to solve it. You perhaps use antidepressant, too. However, you should know the side effect using antidepressant before you use it because the antidepressants may cause the bad effect for your body, such as gain loss of your weight. There are several antidepressants that cause weight loss. Knowing the kind of antidepressant is an important thing because it gives the information before you use it. For the further information, you can see in this following explanation.

The Side Effect of Antidepressants

There are several side effects caused by consuming drugs or antidepressant. When you are stressful you may have not enough time for taking rest, and it increases your stress. Lacking of time to take rest will decrease the blood sugar in your body so that you will feel tired and sleepy. For some people, they may use the antidepressant for giving the strength, but they do not consider that the antidepressants causing the weight loss. This includes in the bad effect because the weight loss is not caused by the natural way, and it will influence for your health. Consuming antidepressants that cause weight loss, perhaps makes the bad health. Read more

The Bad Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

Coffee is the delicious drink that many people love to drink it. If you are the coffee lover, you should know than the caffeine in the coffee has the benefit if you drink it enough, but caffeine has the side effect if you drink it too much. The normal dose is good thing or you that you should understand. If you like to drink coffee, you should make sure that you drink the coffee in the normal dose. If you like it so much, you should cut the dose. The side effects of too much caffeine are very serious for your body.

The coffee usually helps you to get a good condition mentally and physically in the normal dose. It will give bad side effects if you consume the caffeine more than 2-4 cups in a day. It can damage your health and you should be careful with the risk of your body and your mental condition. Side effects of too much caffeine not only one. There are some symptoms as the indication of the side effect when you drink too much caffeine. Read more

Gallbladder Surgery Side Effects

Do you know gallbladder? Have you ever heard gallbladder surgery side effects? The gallbladder is known as a small pear shaped human organ which is connected both of the small intestine and the liver. This part of the body is essential for digestion. The gallbladder is known as a non essential organ in the human body. Several complications of gallbladder are able to be effectively medicated via surgery or removal without getting compromised of body function.

The removal of the gallbladder, also known with cholecystectomy, can be conducted in two ways. They are open cholecystectomy and Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. In the open cholecystectomy, the part of the body is operated removed through a large incision whereas. In laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the removal is less invasive and it needs 4 small incisions for getting removed. When it comes to the recovery times, it will depend on the method of the removal and the patients. Besides that, all of the surgery has the side effect and gallbladder surgery side effects are presented in the following sections. Read more

6 Best Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Do you want to have the food which can burn your calorie effectively? If you want to reduce your extra pounds, it is better for you take some exercises. Besides that, you need to keep in mind of your foods that you eat daily. You should choose the foods which can help you to lower your calorie too, and the type of the foods are foods that speed up metabolism. Several of them are presented below.

6 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

1. Egg Whites

The first food that speed up metabolism is egg whites. Do you know egg whites? I believe that most of you have known it and have ever consumed this kind of foods. Some nutrient experts said that the egg whites are great sources of branched-chain amino acids and these nutrients can be used to make your metabolism stoked according to the nutritionist. Besides that, the egg is known as a powerhouse of vitamin D and protein and both of the nutrition can be helpful to keep your body balanced and healthy. The egg can be mixed with the other ingredients so that you can consume egg whites easily. Read more

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