Borderline Personality Disorder Definition, Causes, Treatment, Preventions

Mental disorder is one of the most difficult treated diseases because it relates to your own mental. There are many kinds of mental disorder. There are many cases that people have a serious mental disorder. It brings to stress or even mad. One of the most popular mental disorders is borderline personality disorder. What is borderline personality disorder definition? It is a condition where you have an imbalance in your mental that affects your relationships, emotions, etc. If you want to know more about it, you need to follow this discussion below.

The Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder

After you know borderline personality disorder definition, you need to know the factors that cause this mental disorder. There are some causes that are possible. The first is related to genetic factors. This is the natural personality and difficult to change. It may be caused by the environment. Environmental factors have an important role in affecting this mental disorder. It depends on the people around you, including your families and friends. Brain abnormalities caused by trauma, depression, stress, etc. can affect this mental problem. Read more

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment Ideas

A mental disorder may be not dangerous for your body health. It becomes one of the most serious conditions for your mental health. There are many kinds of mental disorders. The newest one is narcissistic personality disorder. It is a condition where you awe yourself and do not have esteem for others. This condition can cause many conditions such as relationship problems, emotional problems, etc. You need to know about narcissistic personality disorder treatment. There are many ways how to treat this mental disorder. It relates to your own mental personality.

The Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

We need to know about the causes first. Know the causes of this mental disorder is very complex. There is no definite factor that causes this problem. The environment has an important role in narcissistic personality disorder. It relates to the relationship between parents and children. Classmate, colleague, and other relationship man affect this mental disorder. Some people believe that it can cause by genetic factors. Narcissistic personality disorder may be caused by behavior and lifestyle. Read more

Know Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Did you know the panic disorder with agoraphobia? This kind of disorder condition came from two conditions, panic disorder and agoraphobia. It needs to give an overview both of the condition. The first one is panic disorder. People with panic disorder, called as anxiety attacks. The experience from intense sudden attacks that they have an overwhelming fear that they feel awful condition. This disorder will stimulate the bodies to react the condition and they always feel threatened. Based on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, there are approximately six million adults which suffered the panic disorder. The disorder condition appeared in the age of 25.

After describing panic disorder which generates the panic disorder with agoraphobia, it needs to give an overview about agoraphobia. People with agoraphobia have an uncontrolled fear in the certain location. They will be afraid of a place where they feel uneasy to escape from the location. Some of the places are theaters, airplanes, malls, trains, and the same locations. The sufferers try to avoid the situation and the place where they get the panic condition before. Feeling fear will happen continuously and the condition will limit the sufferers to explore many locations outside. Read more

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder? How to Understand People with BPD

The technology and era are developing, so human’s problems are developing too. It is common to hear Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD as one of human’s psychological disorder. People often depict BPD into the following situation. Someone is standing on the shifting sands. He loses his balance. The ground is changing constantly. He becomes defensive and scared. That’s how people depict the question of what is borderline personality disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

There are already some people who suffer borderline personality disorder because of varied background of life. BPD is the disorder that is suffered mostly to the female population rather than men. This disorder is not clearly can be seen in the person, but there are some characteristics that can be the sign of it. This disorder doesn’t come alone with the person, but with some factors behind it. There are already many people who suffer it, mostly in America. But they don’t aware that they already suffer this disorder.

BPD definition can be described simply as the disorder that is conditioned by chaotic relationships, a drastic change of mood, and impulsive actions. These are included as borderline personality disorder symptoms. There are still other BPD symptoms than what is included in the definition itself. But, it is needed to know more about each symptom related to BPD that will be described below. Read more

Types of Depressive Disorders and Cures That Fits Them

Depression may seem to be something that people don’t really care about. Depression that comes to someone is not something that can be underestimated. So, depression is not only one kind that comes to someone because of the problem. There are types of depressive disorders that exist. One person that suffers depression doesn’t always having the same depression with others. Types of depression depend on the root of the problem that someone is having right now. Without knowing about the depressive disorders types, the cure to decrease or even remove it will not be clear.

Types of Disorders, Depressive People Aren’t the Same

Suffering the depression in longer time is not good. But, this thing has indeed happened to people. People who are having this kind of depression are having a problem that causes low self esteem. Passion or places that can be the favorite thing for the person can turn into nightmare. It makes the person will not do it again. It can be known by how often the person was doing the passion at the time before the problem comes, and then it is suddenly changed.

The person may do the exact passion, or even the person can leave the passion because no more interest. This melancholic feeling that will not leave the person’s mind is always haunting him. It comes from the past feeling or the problem itself. As the cause of the melancholic thought, the guilt comes that makes the person has lots of mistakes and regrets. This is one of types of depressive disorders that are called Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Read more

9 Borderline Personality Disorder Natural Treatment Tips

One of the most common personality disorders is borderline disorder. It happens to those who are teens or adults. It will continue for years and even until you get old. You do not want to have this disorder for all your life. You have to treat is as soon as possible. Going to a doctor or psychiatry is the solution. He or she will give you some drugs or advices you to take some medications. You can consider the safer choice that is a natural treatment. This article will give you the tips on borderline personality disorder natural treatment.

Borderline Personality Disorder Natural Treatment

1. Light Therapy

One of the best ways to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD) is by light therapy. Light therapy is a kind of therapy that functions to treat some diseases, especially disorders or other health problems. This therapy is applied using a light box where your eyes will be exposed by the light box. It will not only able to treat this disease but also other diseases such as insomnia, headaches, eye strains, etc. Read more

How Many Different Kinds of Depression?

Depression is a state where one feels very sad. At a certain point kind of depression could become a nuisance like sad prolonged, feel very tired, lack of sleep or symptoms of sleeplessness. The most severe will find itself not strong to bear all grief was so decided to commit suicide. There are so many different kinds of depression. Depression is a normal reaction when people through struggles and disappointments in life.

People will call it a depression, but clinical depression is more than just feeling sad. If you continue to feel alone, hopeless and emptiness in almost every aspect of your life and the feeling of it all did not want to go. That is known as major depressive disorder or acute or clinical depression. Depression can happen to anyone and at any time, either to children or adults and when we lose loved ones or when experiencing a traumatic event or during the change of seasons or even after giving birth. Read more

Depressive Disorder Treatment: What to Do to Deal with It?

There is no zero possibility for us to not experience mental illnesses, like depression in our life. We experience many things. There are the happy ones and the sad ones. There is no person who lives in this world without experiencing and having any burden after all. Such burden is the thing that will cause you to experience depression. If you happen to feel, there is definitely a need for you to find depressive disorder treatment to heal your mental problem.

How Depression Really Is

If you search for the definition, depression is a mental illness where one feels very unhappy and anxious for a long time. He cannot have a normal life at that time. This definition is true, anyway. When one feels depressed, he will feel any negative thing in his mind. Hopeless, sadness, guilt, etc. will always come across in your mind. If you go as far as doing suicidal attempts, depressive disorder treatment should be done quickly. Read more

Severe Depression Treatment: Take Back Your Normal Life with It!

Who has never experienced depression before? People must have had this at least once in their life. If you are depressed, you will always have negative thoughts, views, and feelings in your mind. You will not even have any interest in doing anything. It leads to a change in your life. In a worst case of scenario, you will even think of ending your life. Depression is a temporary illness. Severe depression can make you feel depressed in a long period of time. It can be for months or even for years. People with severe depression are at greater risk of doing suicide. Severe depression treatment must be taken into action as soon as possible.

Seeking for Therapists for Medical Support and Expertise

Before I point out the exact severe depression treatment you can take, there is one thing you definitely need to do above all. It is about seeking for therapists to help you out with your mental problem. We are supposed to ask someone who has expertise in that very matter for better. Safer suggestion to take any treatment for severe depression. Would you want to danger yourself by taking any treatment as you wish? Read more

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