Vegetable Oil vs Olive Oil: Oil Comparison for Health

It is not difficult to find olive oil because it has been used for cooking in most countries, especially Mediterranean countries. The taste is various based on the altitude, region, extraction process, harvest time and others. You may know about vegetable oil because it has the same function as olive oil. It is derived from a particular source of plant or a blend of several oils. There are so many debates between vegetable oil vs olive oil that makes it passionate to get the answer. You must know the way it is produced by seeing the acid level in which the better oil has the lowest proportion of fatty acids.

The Best Use from Vegetable Oil vs Olive Oil

We often puzzle why several recipes specifically use vegetable oil, whereas others use olive oil. You will know an immediate run down from bath oils. Despite the paradigm, olive oil is known with low level of smoke point that makes that oil be less ideal to use for cooking using high heat such as high heat and pan searing stir fries. You may not desire to use olive oil that is asserted in your recipe or when the cost makes the oil less ideal in cooking. Read more

Is Canola Oil Bad for You? – The Recent Hottest Issues

Canola Oil is one the most popular oil to use in daily because it is the cheapest and healthiest cooking oil that is recently available. The origin is Canada and the nation has the most annual exports from canola oil, meal and seed which are more than $3 billion. It makes the country as the place to visit to gain a direct Canola Oil. The popularity of it makes it promoted as marketed and healthy oil. There is still some question rising about it. Is canola oil bad for you? It is an interesting question because explanation comes from a question.

What the Researches Answer about is canola oil bad for you?

You may often many recommendations to use this oil but you don’t know whether it is good or bad. Is canola oil bad for you? We will answer the question whether canola is bad for you or not by explaining some facts and data about. You need to know the ingredients contained in the oil. As oil believed in health benefit it is trans fat and cholesterol free. It has the lowest saturated fat that is only 7% within whole dietary fats and it contains high Omega-3 which 11% being an important fatty acid needed. It has Omega-6 fat at 21% with moderate level and has mono saturated fat in high level 61%. Read more

Find the Best Pistachios Health Benefits

Pistachios are one kind of nut that has a delicious taste to eat. This one will give many advantages for your body and health. The pistachio health benefits has been used for human being for thousands of years ago. The plants of these pistachios good for growing in the hot and dry climates. This nut is good for your health. It can be used as your health snack food choice. The advantages of this nut are great for your health.

The pistachio health benefits can supply the essential nutrients to your body. It will help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. This nut can alleviate the hunger in your body, but it will produce energy inside your body. Most people are worried about the nut because it will offer greater cholesterol in their body. You do not worry with this nut because pistachios are free from cholesterol and it’s low calories. You will have many advantages in this nut because it has impressive nutrient including phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B6, thiamin, manganese, potassium and fiber. Read more

Unbelievable Facts about Egg Whites VS Yolk

When we deal with eggs, the most debatable case about egg nutrients are between egg whites vs yolk. We often see that some people will put aside the yolk and then prefer to consume the white eggs instead. From that manner, we can see that some people think about strange things inside the yolk itself. They will prefer to eat the white eggs when they need a good supply of nutrients because they said that yolk is nasty. It contains bad nutrients that may give us bad effects in the body. Could this manner be true when we deal with yolk vs white eggs? I think it is better for us to discuss it in more details.

If you are willing to understand the circumstances in egg whites vs yolk, you need to find out the content of each part in the eggs itself. You should not think that egg whites and yolk will have the same content because the yolk is the seed of the creature and the white eggs are the nutrients which are given to the seed. We can see that the yolk will need to consume over the white eggs to make it grow toward a better stage of life. Let us see the content of each part here. Read more

Health Benefits of Pistachios for Our Body

Healthy snacking seems to be the best word to be heard in our ear. Snack provides much calories that will not give good effects to our body. When the statement that says it is great for us to get the healthy one, we want to know it. Healthy snacking can be done by getting pistachios. There have been many researchers who have proven the greatness of pistachios in our body. If you want to know more about the health benefits of pistachios, you should continue reading this article and find out what makes this snack so special.

Before we talk more about the health benefits of pistachios, I think it will be great for us when we know what pistachios are all about. These pistachios come from nut family. It is a nut that is served as desserts. Some people love to consume these nuts because it has a really delicious taste with a pleasing texture on the tongue. There are many variations which are added by this nut and most of them are the cookies, ice creams, and the cakes. As it tastes good, you need to know that there are a lot of pistachio health benefits. Read more

Goji Berry Health Benefits as the Best Natural Remedy

Health is priceless. Some people said, because you will need more money if you have trouble with your health. Many people do not realize about their health when they are not sick or getting ill. So, you need something to keep your health well. You do not need to come into hospital to keep your health because you can consume the natural remedy like Goji to keep your health well. You will find that Goji berry health benefits have important role for people. This berry has been used as traditional Chinese to treat high blood sugar level. Other diseases are available to treat with this berry to keep your body health.

The Goji berry has many advantages, especially for treating the disease in the past. People do not worry about their health even if at that time there was no hospital. The Goji berry health benefits are great, especially to lower the high blood because in China, especially in a University in Nanjing. It has been studied that Goji can lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes. It has lyceum barbarum polysaccharide (LBP) that is effective to treat high blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes. The blood sugar levels will go down and HDL levels will go up in the group during taking LBP in Goji. Read more

Is Sucralose Bad for You?

When you eat foods or drink beverages, you avoid the foods or beverages with high sugar. Sugar can cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or other health problems. Foods and beverages will not be that delicious without sugar. Sugar is starting to leave because there is what is called splenda or sucralose. It is a kind of sugar substitute so that foods and beverages will be sweet without sugar. Is this safe? Or is sucralose bad for you? That is what we will discuss in this article. Read more

Best Healthy Fast Food Options to Eat

Fast food is identical to unhealthy foods. Most of the fast foods are not good for your health. Fast foods are high calories and fat that can increase the risk of some diseases. Most fast foods contain high sodium. You find high sugar in fast foods. There are many people who see that fast foods should be avoided. Not all fast foods are unhealthy foods if you can find the best choices. So, we will discuss about healthy fast food options in this article.

The Parameters of Healthy Fast Foods

Before you look for healthy fast food options, you need to know the parameters first. Fast foods can be considered as healthy foods if they meet the parameters below. The first parameter is related to the calories contained. Fast foods contain great calories more than 500 calories. Too many calories will not be good for your health. You have to make sure that the fast foods you eat contain maximally 500 calories. Lower calories will be better. Read more

Calories in Egg Whites: Important Information

Choose foods should be done wisely. You have to make sure that the foods you eat belong to healthy foods so that you will be healthy. You need to pay attention to the nutrients contained in the foods. One of the most popular health foods is egg white. Egg whites contain various nutrients. One of them is calories. Your body needs calories as long as it is not too much. So, how many calories in egg whites? That is what we will discuss in this article.

Calories in Egg Whites VS Whole Egg

The egg contains many calories. The egg can be divided into two parts. They are egg whites and egg yolks. Talk about the calories in egg should be more specific. People want prefer eating egg whites to whole egg because egg whites have the lower calories than whole egg. Whole egg contains 17 calories. The calories in egg whites are contained in the fat where it has 1 fat calorie. Because egg whites are low calories, it is safe to consume and good for your health. Read more

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